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The Great Gatsby: The Use of Weather

How the weather in "The Great Gatsby" reflected the overall feeling of the novel.

Zander Cloete

on 9 December 2010

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby: The Use of Weather

The Great Gatsby In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald uses inclement or sunny weather to reflect the mood of the characters and the overall feeling of the book. In the book, when Gatsby and Daisy are about to meet through the "tea party" Nick set up, it's pouring rain. The rain captures and reflects the feeling of anxiety Gatsby feels about meeting the one he's been preparing for throughout the past five years of his life. When Nick, Gatsby, Daisy, Tom, and Jordan are all sitting the Plaza, the book describes the daytime to be unbearably hot. As the heat progressively gets worse, so does the tempers of Gatsby and Tom. The heat symbolizes the rising hatred between Daisy's husband and Gatsby. "'Nobody's coming to tea. It's too late!' He looked at his watch as if there was some pressing demand on his time elsewhere. 'I can't wait all day.'" -pg. 90 "'Oh let's have fun,' she begged him. 'It's too hot to fuss.'
He didn't answer." -pg. 126
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