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Ethics In The World of Business

No description

Chris Sykes

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Ethics In The World of Business

The issue with ethics is that they are the difference between right and wrong. People have different perspectives on things, so what one person thinks is wrong, the other person might see it as something that isn’t a problem. Ethics are based on values such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, caring, justice and good citizenship. Every company has their own code of ethics, but they aren’t showing that they support it enough. A couple reasons why this issue has developed are greed and power. If someone thinks that they can obtain a higher position at their job, some people sell their bosses out to the competition or give information over in hopes to obtain a higher position at that job place. Another example is money laundering. People steal from the company a little at a time and hide it away until they have enough, some of them get caught but the police don’t find a lot of them, if they did then the problem wouldn’t be so great.
This issue effects everyone who is working. Meaning that it effects people who are in the work force and are currently employed. It may not affect everyone directly, but it does affect them indirectly wether it be because they saw something, or one of their co-workers is complaining to them about something.
This issue isn’t one that is rare or one that is even uncommon. This issue is very real and is a constant issue in the world. It happens every day, in every city or town, in almost every workplace. It happens with people who have ambitions fed by power and greed.
This isn’t a relatively new issue, in fact it’s relatively old. This issue has been around since people have been around but has only been publicised since the 1990's. Taking into account that this issue has been here forever, I think that ethical issues will be around forever in the future because nobody is perfect and not everybody is happy with their lives so they will always want to better it with more money and better living styles. A way for this issue to be resolved is for humans to be selfless and righteous meaning they do everything as they are told, have no ambitions fueled by greed, or power, and have everyone love their life, because if someone isn’t happy with their life, they will try to make it better, wether that be with money, or a better job position at their place of employment. When? What? What? Who? Where? How?
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