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Lord of the Flies IOP

No description

Grant Grenesko

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies IOP

When we pair something to another object to change how we see the object

Guess and Check

Thorndike's Cat



Thank you!
A Quick Introduction To...
The Three Types of Learning

-Classical Conditioning

-Operant Conditioning

-Cognitive Learning
Lord of the Flies IOP
By Grant Grenesko
"The fat boy glanced over his shoulder, then leaned toward Ralph." (Pg 110)
Golding uses the three learning characteristics to reveal each role the character plays in the novel. These roles then help us understand the breakdown in society.
Ice Breaker!
Discuss with those around you some of the things that you are afraid of.
Dominate Learning Type:

Push the expansion process of their leadership and group
Dominate Learning Type:

Follow the leaders, copy them, give them power
Dominate Learning Type:

Learn from events

React to the events
Back to the Icebreaker
What were some of your most common fears that you and the people around you discussed.?
Piggy has learned that if you discuss something such as an embarrassing name out loud without caution you run the risk of being made fun of. Whenever he talks about his weight he is automatically expecting to be made fun of. This is why he shrinks down when he mentions it.
"Jack made a move toward Piggy who scrambled away till a great rock lay between them." (Pg 65)
Piggy understand that whenever Jack makes a move towards him that there is going to be some sort of negative response. Piggy then shields himself to avoid this.
"Piggy ended, flushed and trembling. He pushed the conch quickly into Ralph's hands as though in a hurry to be rid of it and wiped the tears from his eyes." (Pg 156)
Piggy understands that he is not a leader. He has dealt with the conch many times and has been humiliated, ignored, and disrespected many times before. He has learned that Ralph is the leader and when the conch is with Ralph something positive is usually the outcome.
"Piggy wailed.
'Ralph! Don't leave me!' "
Piggy has come to know that without Ralph near him he has a very high chance of being hurt.
Littluns And Bigguns
"Ralph inspected the whole thirty yards carefully and then plunged in. The water was warmer than his blood and he might have been swimming in a huge bath." (Pg 12)
Ralph is a risk taker, he jumps into a random pool which could be freezing cold, but instead gets a positive outcome and finds what will be their bathing pool.
"Ralph grasped the idea and hit the shell with air from his diaphragm. Immediately the thing sounded. A deep, harsh note boomed under the palms, spread through the intricacies of the forest and echoed back from the pink granite of the mountain." (Pg 16)
Ralph is experimenting with the conch. This leads to this loud sound. The boys after come and organize and begin to listen at meetings. These meetings are the positive out come of Ralph's actions
" ' There's another thing. We can help them find us. If a ship comes near the island they may not notice us. So we must make smoke on top of the mountain. We must make a fire.' " (Pg 35)
With Ralph suggesting this course of action a new goal is set for the greater good of the kids. They now have hope which Ralph has given them.
"All at once, Robert was screaming and struggling with the strength of the frenzy."
All of the boys watch this show between Jack and Roger. And after awhile they all begin to copy Jack. They attack Roger in a frenzy.
"They obeyed the summons of the conch, partly because Ralph blew it, and he was big enough to be a link with the adult world of authority;..." (Pg 54)
The littluns see Ralph as a leader. They follow Ralph because of his authority that he has had at assemblies.
" ' We could steal up on one- paint our faces so they wouldn't see- perhaps surround them and then-" (Pg 49)
Jack has begun to think of ideas that will have a positive effect when hunting with pigs. Pushing his leadership farther
"Now the painted group felt the otherness of Samneric, felt the power in their own hands. They felled the twins clumsily and excitedly. Jack was inspired." (Pg 163)
Jack had given orders which the savages then followed. Jack has new knowledge on his power and continues to use it.
The Destruction of Society
This can be acknowledge by the death of Piggy, the shift of leadership from Ralph to Jack, and the littluns slowly having less respect for Ralph and his meetings.
The Death of Piggy
The New Chief
The Loss of the Followers
The death of Piggy is crucial to the destruction of society. Without a scholar the balance between the three roles is off balance. There is no one to help remember or remind the boys to stay civil.
With Ralph not being chief anymore the destruction of society continues. Jack has terrible ideas that he see's as good ones which then leads the boys to be savages.
Because Ralph no longer has followers his word is not important. With his word not being important he is not longer a leader and the tribe is leaderless.
The loss of these characteristics creates an imbalance which then destroys the society.
Three characteristics
Operant = Leader =
(The ability to try new things)
Classical = Scholar =
(The ability to remember and use old lessons)
Cognitive = Follower =
(The ability to copy and follow those ahead of them)
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