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How to Extend your Tier 4 Visa for All Students

All students extending within the UK


on 24 April 2018

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Transcript of How to Extend your Tier 4 Visa for All Students

International Student Advisory Service
Version 2018

How to Extend your Tier 4 Visa
Dependent = wife/husband or child under 18

You can only bring your dependents to the UK if you are:

Sponsored by a higher education institution on a course at
NQF level 7 or above
which lasts
12 months
or more; or
A new government-sponsored student following a course
which lasts longer than 6 months
; or
If your dependents are already in the UK with permission, they will be allowed to extend their stay provided they apply at the same time as you apply to undertake a course of study
lasting more than 6 months
I have dependents in the UK. What do I do?
Police Registration Document
You can use a savings account, current account, internet account, cash ISA, or overseas account. The bank statement must meet the UKVI requirements and the funds must be in cash –
no stocks or shares

The most common mistake we see – students forgetting to make a transaction on their account to show that the funds have been in for 28 days.

The money can be across 2 accounts, but each statement must cover 28 days and the money must available across the 2 accounts for the full 28 days.

We would advise that you have the money in just one account if possible.

Do not spend the money or transfer it from your account.
Bank Statements
Must contain:

Details of the translator’s credentials
The translator must write that it is an accurate translation of the original document
Translator’s contact details
Date of translation
Full name and original signature of the translator
Translation must be original-
not copied or scanned
Translated Documents
1. Complete the online Tier 4 Application.

2. At the end of the application - confirm you wish to book a Premium Service Center Appointment.

3. The appointment must be within 45 days of submitting your application online.

4. Attend the appointment with a print out of your cover sheet and original documents.

5. The Home Office take your finger prints and photo.

6. The Home Office will make a decision on your visa application on the same day.

7. Your new visa will be sent to you in the post- 3/5 working days.
Option 3: Premium Application -

- Quick Overview

1. Complete and submit an online Tier 4 Application.
Must be before visa expires.

2. Pay for your application by credit/debit card online.
Your date of application is the date you submit the online form and pay.

3. Print and post your cover sheet and supporting documents to the Home Office by special delivery.
This must be done within 15 working days of the date you paid your application fee online.

4. A Biometric Enrollment Letter will be generated automatically on completion of your application. You will need to print the Biometric Enrollment Letter , go to a post office and register your biometrics. You can do this at the same time you post your documents to the Home Office but please check in advance the post office you go to undertakes Biometrics .

5. The Home Office will consider and process your application.

6. The Home Office will post all your documents and new visa to your home address.
Option 1: Postal Application

- Quick Overview
To help you understand the documents required for a visa extension application.

To help clarify that the role of ISAS is to guide you with your application. As your visa is
responsibility -
must make sure that you prepare and submit your visa application on time.
Aim of workshop

Please start preparing your application
as early as possible

leave it to the last minute. This is because you will need to collect a number of documents, some of which you will have to request from the university, bank, home country etc.

If you think a document might not meet the requirements, get a new document that does -
do not risk it

Read the policy guidance when completing the online application form- take your time and pay attention to the questions

Refer to our Workshop slides and example documentation

Take photos in line with the UK Visas and Immigration

Complete the list of documents that you are submitting with your application

Photocopy everything for your records

Submit all of your application form and pay the correct fees
your visa

How to make a Successful Visa Application
Format of Official Sponsorship Letter
If you are not funded by yourself or your parents, you may be sponsored by an Official Sponsor. These sponsors are usually:

UK Government
Home Government
British Council
International Organisation
A Company
A University

An official sponsor is

If your Official Sponsor pays your tuition fees and maintenance you must get their
unconditional consent
to stay in the UK. This also applies even if you have been sponsored in the last 12 months and that sponsorship has now ended. You must provide UKVI with your financial sponsor’s consent in writing.

This must confirm that your sponsor has no objection to you continuing your studies in the UK and their consent to extending your visa for this purpose

Official Sponsors
If you do not have the money in your own name you may need to use your parents’ bank account:

The statements must meet all the same requirements as UK statements (see previous slide)

You will also need supporting documents:

Your birth certificate which must include your parents’ names; AND
Letter from your parent(s) confirming that they are your parent and that they give consent to you using their funds to study in the UK; AND
Your parents bank statements
All documents must be originals
All documents must be officially translated if not in English.
*Parents' bank statement
Format for Bank Statements
Money Example

Some students may qualify for a reduced maintenance amount of £1600 (£800 x 2 months). This is known as
Established Presence
. For this, you need to meet special criteria:

You have been studying a PhD for at least the last 6 months and you are extending your visa for the PhD.
You have been enrolled on a course since September 2012 or longer and need to extend your visa for the same course.
You completed a course that was 6 months or longer, on your current visa. For example progressing from: Diploma to Masters, Degree to Masters, or Master to PhD.

How much money to show? Part 2: Maintenance
The Home Office requires that you have the following funds:

Money for any outstanding
tuition fees
as confirmed on your CAS.

Money for maintenance – the Home Office set the amounts you will need for
living costs
in the UK.
Money you need to show
Your CAS will confirm if you need a ATAS certificate.

This will not apply to most students, only certain courses. You can check now on the link below.

If you need an ATAS certificate you must apply immediately:

It can take up to 20 working days to get your ATAS certificate, so apply now.
ATAS certificate
Photos continued..
To make it easier for you, ISAS strongly advise that you have your photos taken at a camera shop as it is more likely to meet the Home Office requirements than if you use a photo booth.

You can have your photo taken at one of the below camera shops in Birmingham city centre.

55 Temple Row, Birmingham, B2 5LS.
Snappy Snaps:
57 New Street, Birmingham, B2 4DU

For the Home Office guidance:

If your University in your home country has translated your academic qualification, then it is unlikely to meet the Home Office requirements. If this is the case then the original
must be translated again

We have a list of some local translators:

Chamber Translation Services
Brasshouse Translation
Professional Linguists

ISAS recommend using a
UK professional translator
Translated Documents
Academic Qualifications
If you need to send an academic qualification for your visa application this will be clearly listed on the CAS

If you have left this in your home country make arrangements to get this document now!

If it is not in English you must obtain an official translation
make a visa application
a valid CAS.
Your CAS will be
valid for 6 months
, from the date of issue
Admission's Department are responsible for issuing CAS' for Pre-sessional & Students progressing to a New Course.
Continuing students must request for a CAS via

CAS - Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies
OPTION 1: Standard Application - £475
You complete an online application.
Supporting Documents sent by post.
Estimated processing time on the UKVI website is 8 weeks. This option is likely to take around 12-14 weeks.
OPTION 2: Priority Service Application - £952
You must fill in a request form for the service to be accepted
You complete an online application.
Supporting Documents sent by post within 2 days
This option is likely to take around 10 days.
OPTION 3: Premium Application -
Book an appointment at Premium Service Center.
Attend appointment with a print out of original documents.
Decision usually on the Same Day; but your Biometric Resident Permit (BRP) which confirms your visa will be sent to your home address within 3/5 working days.
OPTION 4: Super Premium Service - £10,500
Home Office / couriers will come to a place of your choosing to collect your application, biometrics and documents.
Decision is made on your application within 24 hours.
Up to 4 main applicants can apply at the same time using this service. (not covered in workshop - see home office website)

There are 4 options to submit your application:
1) EISU students on pre-sessional English Courses who want to extend their visa in the UK

2) Students making an application for extension of their visa in the UK

Who is this workshop for?
Please Switch off your mobile phones

Please do not talk during the presentation

Please do not ask any questions during the presentation.
Rules for today's workshop
The cost for the application is as follows:

If they are applying at the same time as the Tier 4 student within the UK:
Postal Fee: £457
Priority Fee: £916
Premium Fee: £1,047

Please Note: The Tier 4 rules state that you can only bring your child with you to the UK if
both parents are going to be in the UK
. This means that if your partner is going to stay outside the UK, your child cannot join you.

The exceptions to this are if you are:
the only parent; or
you have 'sole responsibility' for your child; or
there are serious compelling reasons which mean you and your partner cannot come to live together in the UK
Dependents continued
The Home Office has a process for low risk applicants who do not need to provide any documents with their application apart from their CAS statement, Passport/ID document, and passport photos (ATAS if applicable). If you are from one of the following countries you are classified as a 'low risk national':

Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Botswana, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, South Korea, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates, or United States of America, and you are applying for entry clearance in your country of nationality, or for leave to remain in the UK; or
you hold a Hong Kong SAR passport or a British National (Overseas) passport and you are applying for entry clearance in Hong Kong, or for leave to remain in the UK; or
you hold a Taiwan (ROC) passport with a residence card number, and you are applying for entry clearance in Taiwan, or for leave to remain in the UK;

However, the Home Office may still ask for all other documents from these nationals anyway - so it will be necessary to prepare them.
Low Risk Nationals
Photos – 4 steps to success
Any Questions which have not
already been covered?
CAS Number

Passport (including any old passports used in the UK)

Current visa/BRP

2 photos in a small envelope (do not seal the envelope)

ATAS certificate, if applicable

Police registration certificate, if applicable

Original Qualification if listed on CAS (if required)

Professional translations of any documents not in English

Bank statements/Sponsor Letter/Parents Bank Statements

Original documents (not scanned or copied)
University Address
The University of Birmingham
West Midlands
B15 2TT
Sponsor License Number:
Dependent's Documents
You will need to send the following to extend your dependants visas:

Print out of your cover sheet which includes your dependants
Application Fee
2 passport photos
Passport, includes passports previously used to travel to the UK
Police registration certificate (if applicable)
Bank statements/sponsor letter

(£680 per month for the length of the main applicant's visa, up to a maximum of 9 months)
per dependant.


If you have any further queries after the workshop you can log a query online:

If you have been asked to register with the police when you first arrived in the UK, remember to send your Police Registration certificate with your application
You can find all workshop slides at:


ISAS website
Please use the ISAS website as it has useful information and guidance for International Students from visas to working and living in the UK:

Example 1:
Tuition fees £15,000 for 1 year.
Paid £5,000
Need to show:
Tuition Fees £15,000-£5000 = £10,000
Living Costs £7,380 (£820 x 9 months)

Tuition fees: you must be able to prove you have either paid your tuition fees in full or that the remaining fees owed to the University are in your bank account.

Maximum Living Costs £9,135 (£1,015 per month for each month of your course, up to a maximum of 9 months).

Maximum Deducted for University Accommodation fees is: £1,265

For your application you must show
(A) Tuition Fees + (B) Living Costs

Reduced Maintenance (Established Presence)
Established Presence: ONLY for Doctoral Extension Scheme Applicants

£1,015 per month x 2 months =£2,030.

Held in account for 28 days

Format of Bank Statement is the same standard

Format of workshop:

1.The Visa Process

2.Documents Required
The earliest you can apply is
3 months
before the start of your new course.

You are not allowed to apply in the UK if you are here as a Visitor (including a Student Visitor)

1 Month Gap’ Rule
– If there is more than 1 month between your visa expiring and the start of your new course, then you cannot apply in the UK. You must return home and apply from there.

If you are going to start a new course and have a Tier 4 visa for another institution, you must apply for a new Tier 4 visa before you can start your course.

You must apply before your visa expires. The date of your application is the date you complete your application form and pay the fee online.
When to Apply

From 6th April 2015, all Tier 4 (General) student applications will be required to pay an 'immigration health surcharge’ (IHS) as part of their application.

The fee is £150 per year as a student. You’ll pay half of the yearly amount if your application includes part of a year that is less than 6 months.

You’ll pay for a whole year if you’re application includes part of a year that is more than 6 months.

The IHS payment is paid as part of your Tier 4 online application form.
You are paying for the length of leave granted, not the length of the course.
You may receive an email from the UKVI following submitting your application asking you to pay a 'top up fee'. This is due to payment also being required for the 'wrap up period'.

Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)
“ We give unconditional consent for the student to continue with his/her studies.
Option 2: Priority Application - £952 - Quick Overview
Fill in a request form before you can use the priority service
. Send it to the email address on the form.

You will get an email saying if you have been successful.

Once you have been accepted for the priority service you should apply online for yourself and any dependants
within 24 hours
. The fee is also payable at this time.

Send your supporting documents by registered post (special delivery) or courier to the address given in the priority service acceptance email.

Your documents should reach UKVI
no later than two days after you applied

A Biometric Enrollment Letter will be generated automatically on completion of your application. You will need to print the Biometric Enrollment Letter , go to a post office and register your biometrics. Please do this within 2 days of submitting your application form.

The Home Office will consider and process your application within
10 days
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