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Alcohol, Cannabis, Tobacco.

Forensic Science 25

Brittney Ames

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Alcohol, Cannabis, Tobacco.

By: Francesca Ambrosino, Brittney Ames, Bradley Vegso, and Taylor Rathy Tobacco Cons Pros Alcohol Alcohol Cannabis Tobacco If you like having really bad breath, yellow teeth, and a higher risk of getting cancer.. Then smoking is for you! Cannabis Red wine
-Appropriate servings of red wine have
have been proven to increase longevity
- Wine also helps to prevent heart disease
and strengthen arteries.
-The risk of Alzheimers disease
is reduced.
- Drinking red wine may increase your
life be ten years due to the fact that it
slows the aging process Red wine
-Acid in wine leads to the decay of tooth enamel and the yellowing of teeth
-Drinking too much wine can trigger migraines
-Excessive wine drinking may lead to the increased chance for a women to develop breast cancer
-Alcohol contains many empty calories, so it is not something that helps with weight loss
-Like many other alcoholic beverages, the appropriate amount does not lead to harm but excessive drinking has many more negative side effects Short Term Effects Smoking affects many more things and people than you think.
It contains nicotine which is extremely addictive
Smoking constricts the blood vessels that bring oxygen to the skin
When your skin does not receive a proper amount of oxygen it ages, and shows wrinkles much sooner
Smoking costs about $400 million to young Canadians every year
You will have a substantially higher chance of getting lung cancer, cervical cancer, menstrual disorders, early menopause, osteoporosis, and risks of pregnancy and fetal health Alcohol, Cannabis, and Tobacco Smoking makes up for $6-15 billion a year worth of heath related costs. One of the reasons people choose to smoke it because of its relaxing effects. This is actually an illusion, smoking actually makes you more jittery! It is also harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight when you smoke. Along with not having control over your weight because you can’t catch your breath. Marijuana has been used to increase the appetite of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
Individuals suffering glaucoma, asthma, spasticity, and neurogenic pain have been proven to benefit from the usage of marijuana
It can also help relieve the pain of those suffering with incurable disease such as cancer, AIDS, MS, etc.
It is said to be an "eye opener" (It can help broaden peoples outlook on life)
It is said to relieve stress
Not an addictive drug
Legal in some states Distorted perception
Problems with memory and learning
Lack of proper coordination
Trouble with problem solving
Increased heart rate
Paranoia Long Terms Effects Not many long term effects can be linked to marijuana, but some believe they include:
Decreased immunity
Problems with the lungs (cough, phlegm, frequent chest cold, etc.)
Though it has not been directly linked, it is believed to open doors to cancer in the body
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