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SSS - Paper

No description

Bharath Tata

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of SSS - Paper

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Reducing Paper Waste at Hamilton
1. It saves money. Less paper means less money spent.
2. It saves trees - Between 3 and 6 BILLION trees are killed annually (Rainforest Action Network). Saving trees also means saving countless species which rely on vegetation as the primary energy provider in their ecosystem - including us humans.

3. We simply don't have space for our expanding trash piles. Landfills are overflowing, with paper and cardboard (both recyclabes) taking up over 40% of the space (University of Utah).
There is a severe problem with recycling at Hamilton. Many classrooms do not even have recycle bins. Teachers that do have them complain that they are not picked up and emptied by the student organizations responsible for the job. There are even teachers who have recycle bins, but do not encourage recycling
Educate students and staff on paper-saving techniques:
-double-sided printing
-printing multiple pages per side
-reformatting documents to fit on less paper
-utilizing online homework websites like www.edmodo.com
Improve recycling through:
- Teacher-enforced recycling
- Adding more recycle bins*
- Improve recycling pickup schedule with City of Chandler for maximum collection
- Form a stricter bin emptying schedule with associated clubs (Red Cross, Link Crew, etc.)

*These don't need to be standard manufactured "blue" bins, any inexpensive container will work, even just cardboard boxes labeled "recycle". Normal school bins cost up to $11 each. Students and the school can provide boxes.
Students for a Sustainable School
1. Recycling
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