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How Sweet Water is responding to global issues

No description

Diana Sadowski

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of How Sweet Water is responding to global issues

Water Conservation Water Conservation is the practice of using only as much water as needed and recycling water when possible. Water from the tank where the fish are held is circulated through the plant grow bed and then the water is returned back to the fish tank. How aquaponics combats the issue of water conservation http://figmentsandimagination.wordpress.com/2011/09/27/starting-up-my-own-aquaponics-system/ Soil Conservation Protecting soil from erosion or deterioration During traditional farming soil is disturbed(tilled or dug up). This releases the soil organic carbon which degrades the soil. Oftentimes when a farm stays in one area for awhile the soil gets "tired". In other words the soil has lost enough of the nutrients it can't support crops anymore. In an aquaponics system little to no soil is used so this assists greatly with the conservation of soil by limiting the need for soil disruption. Climate change & Energy use Climate change is long lasting and significant changes in weather patterns. Energy use is closely tied in with climate change. An increase in energy use leads to an increase of climate change. Energy Usage Resource Consumption Climate Change Coal
Natural Gas
Oil Kilowatts Megawatts Ice Caps Melting Irregular Weather Food Security For someone or someplace to have food security there has to be an availability and accessibility to nutritious food. Why This Matters Using little to no soil is helpful when there is very little fertile land for farming
Circulating and recycling water through the system prevents water loss, this helps in areas where water is difficult to access
Building up makes it possible to build in areas with little to no arable land such as cities Economic Development Economic development can be defined as the increase of the per capita income for a certain region. The Consumer Plant and Fish
Produced Jobs Money The Buyers The Producer Restaurants and grocers sell product Money Jobs If people have money to spend because they have a job then they can put more money into this cycle. The consumer purchases from other sellers Economic Development Cycle Health and Nutrition Having good nutrition can lead to better health and can help prevent diseases Aquaponics is a healthy source of fish and vegetables Examples
Fish Raised
Any fish that produces waste can be used http://sweetwater-organic.com/products_services Examples Vegetables Grown
Swiss Chard
Water Cress
and Many more International Citizen Diplomacy/International Leadership Development "Citizen diplomacy is the concept that any citizen has the right and responsibility to help shape foreign relations." Us center for citizen diplomacy. (2012). Retrieved from http://uscenterforcitizendiplomacy.org/pages/what-is-citizen-diplomacy/ International citizen diplomacy is a big part of international leadership development since we want our future leaders to be have good relations with other places worldwide. ? International Citizen Diplomacy/International Leadership Development = Aquaponics ? ? ? ? To date Sweet Water has had visitors from all over the United States and from many other countries http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_guide_pyramid Only small amounts of water need to be added in to combat water loss due to evaporation ? Use the method of disturbing the land to grow plants
Traditional farms use irrigation to water their crops leading to a high amount of water loss
Needs a greater amount of land Traditional Farming Aquaponics Farming Little to no soil is used in aquaponics
Water is circulated and recycled through the system; minimal water needs to be added to compensate for evaporation
Aquaponic systems can be built up instead of out. VS. All this leads to an increase in Food Security It is possible to grow many types of vegetables and raise many types of fish in an aquaponics system.

Both the plants and the fish need a cohesive environment to live in. Having a cold water fish may not work out if the water is too cold for the plants to grow.

Other system factors could be pH, aeration, space... Sweet Water was started to address the issue of local food security but through education Sweet Water's influence has grown past the local and now reaches out worldwide.
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