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The Hero's Journey

No description

Caroline McClellan

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey

"Perseus and the Gorgon"
King Acrisius locked Danae up. When she had a son Acrisius put them into the Aegean Sea. The next day they were found on shore and taken into Dictys' house. Polydectes told Perseus to go get him Medusa's head and so he did eagerly, but that was his plan so that he could force Danae to marry him. Perseus got the eye from the Gray sisters and went to slay Medusa. He used the shield to see her reflection and he killed her and when he did the Pegasus came out of her. Perseus took the head back to Polydectes and froze him with the head saving his mother.
"The Story of Princess Savitri"
The king realized no one wanted to marry Savitri, so he told her that she had to find the one she wanted to marry and he would inform them. Savitri set out to find a husband and indeed she did. His name was Satyavan. One day Narada told the king that Satyavan would die in less than a year so he tried to convince Savitri to change her mind, but she didn't. It wasn't long after they got married. One day Satyavan was going into the woods on the day he should die so Savitri went with him. Satyavan got very tired and he sat down and than died. When death came Savitri followed him and convinced him to give Satyavan his life back. They went back home after he awoke and lived a very long life.
Thesis Statement
Through the hero's journeys, both Savitri and Perseus use their intelligence to help them succeed in their journeys and learn that if you use your mind you can do anything.
Hero Archetypes in Savitri
Hero- Savitri because she saved Satyavan's life.

Shadow- Death is the shadow because he tries to make Satyavan die.

Ally- Satyavan because he is loving and wants her to save him.

Shape shifter- Her dad is because at first he didn't like Satyavan, but than he did.

Threshold Guardian- Death is because he tries to stop Savitri.
Essential Characteristics
Savitri showed determination when she followed death and wouldn't let Satyavan die. She showed cleverness when she tricked death into giving Satyavan his life back.
The Hero's Journey
Thank you!
Lessons Learned in Perseus
Perseus learned that he can always do anything that he wants to do if he just thinks. He learned this when he slayed Medusa by thinking to use the shield as a reflection.
Essential Characteristics
Perseus showed determination when he didn't give up to slay Medusa. He showed cleverness when he used the shield to see the reflection of Medusa to kill her.
Hero Archetypes in Perseus
Hero- Perseus is the hero because he slays Medusa and than saves his mom.

Shadow- Polydectes is because he wanted Perseus to fail so he could marry his mom.

Ally- Athena and Hermes because they helped Perseus and gave him winged shoes and a shield to help him.

Shapeshifter- King Acrisius because he locked Danae up.

Threshold Guardian- Medusa because she is trying to stop Perseus.
Call to Adventure: When Perseus' mom gets captured
Answering the Call: When Perseus goes to slay Medusa
Talisman: His mom is what he is doing it for
Crossing the Threshold: When Perseus goes to the cave
Crossing the Return Threshold: When Perseus brings the head back
Master of Two Worlds: Perseus defeats Medusa and saves his mom from the king
Freedom to Live: Perseus and his mom are reunited and he turns the king to stone
Initiation and Road of Trials
Abduction: His mom was captured which is why he is on the journey
Dragon Battle: When he slays Medusa
The Abyss/ Innermost Cave
Entering the Belly of the Whale: When Perseus is slaying Medusa in the cave
Apotheosis: When Perseus gets Medusa's head
Ultimate Boon/Magic Elixir: Perseus saves his mom
Perseus and the Gorgon
Call to Adventure: When she has to find a husband
Answering the Call: When she marries Satyavan
Talisman: She cares about Satyavan
Crossing the Threshold: When Savitri goes into the forest with Satyavan
Initiation and Road of Trials
Night or Sea Journey: When they go into the woods at night
Dragon Battle: When Savitri battles death
Ritual Death or Dismemberment: When Savitri thinks Satyavan is dead
Sacred Marriage: Savitri's bond with Satyavan

The Abyss/ Innermost Cave
Entering the Belly of The Whale: When Savitri has to save Satyavan
Apotheosis: When Savitri saves Satyavan
Ultimate Boon/ Magic Elixir: When Savitri saves Satyavan

Crossing the Return Threshold: When Savitri returns home with Satyavan
Freedom to Live: Savitri and Satyavan return home and live a happy life
The Story of Princess Savitri
Savitri learned that if she used her brain to trick death that she could save Satyavan from death. She did this by using her mind to use trick death into giving her any wish she wanted.
Necessary Traits in Perseus
In Perseus it was necessary for him to be determined because if he wasn't he would just have given up and ran away like a baby. Also he had to be clever because if he didn't and he looked at Medusa he would just freeze.
Necessary Traits in Perseus
It was necessary for Savitri to be determined because if she wasn't she would have let Satyavan die and than she would be sad the rest of her life. Also she had to be clever to trick death into giving Satyavan his life back.
Lessons Learned in Savitri
Real World Connections
These characteristics apply to people all around the world because if you weren't determined you could just stay in bed all day, but people get up because they have a goal in life. You also have to be clever so you can persuade people in everyday life to do something. This is very important because if we didn't learn this we would all be lazy bums that did nothing all day. Someone that was clever and was determined to change something was Martin Luther King Jr. because he didn't give up so that people would be equal. He had to persuade people and be clever so that they would be treated fair.
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