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Tekrocks Bridge

No description

Jaylen Mayotte

on 8 March 2012

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Transcript of Tekrocks Bridge

Task Description for Tekrocks Bridge:
Build a robot to spin on two bumpswitches and something to represent land. One switch that will move it to an open position and another BumpSwitch to bring it back to the closed position.

Created by: Jaylen Mayotte, Brandt Komas and Taylor Armstrong
3rd hour Brandt Komas Bridge needs to rotate by a motor that must be slow and controlled. We had to also leave a half inch between the bridge and land. By using the design process he had to sketch out how the bridge is going to look and where all of the utilities will be placed. Taylor Armstrong Two sensors had to be placed on so that one will sense that it is on a open position and another sensor to bring it back to the closed position. Computer Engineer Jaylen Mayotte My job was to program the robot using the ROBOTC program. The bridge should start on a closed position until you press the PushButton and it rotates into an open position and then back to a closed position. Mechanical Engineer Electrical Engineer
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