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teen crisis and issues in the media

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Aleksandar Blazeski

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of teen crisis and issues in the media

"In God We Trust" Remake
Drugs affect people that are at the age of 15 or older but mostly teens because they think that they will be cool if they do drugs and because of that more people do them, mostly teens. The dopamine and serotonin are two systems that are in the brain that get affected by drugs. this makes you act differently. drugs are a disease that go around everyone. some other people that do drugs do it so they can relax or it makes some people happy or they get energy by doing them.
Who Do Drugs Affect?
Heroin Arms
Some symptoms for drug addiction are some people take prescription drugs and they cause problems in places like school or work. They could also ruin your relationship or you could be left feeling ashamed because you use drugs. Some reasons why drug addiction happens is it has been in the family, it also happens because of neglect and traumatizing events that have happened in the persons childhood. People get addicted to drugs because it causes surge levels in the dopamine of the brain so it feels pleasure and it wants to feel the pleasure again so you become addicted the drug and won’t want to stop using it. If you use drugs a lot your brain thinks it’s a survival instinct like food or sleep.

Symptoms/Signs Of Drug Use
There are a lot of ways to stop or even prevent drug use among youth and teens. For example there are some programmers for the entire family so parents can learn to supervise their children more. Also UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) go around to schools telling teens and youth about the dangers of drugs and why they are bad. One way to cope with drug addiction is to see therapist because drug addiction is usually linked to problems like marriage or family problems. Another way to cope with drug use is to seek treatment for other mental problems because drug’s could be used to cope with these issues. Other ways to prevent drug abuse is for the parents to not abuse drugs or alcohol. Parents should have a really strong bond so that their children won’t have drugs on their mind.
How Can we Stop The Use of Drugs
Cocaine and how you use it
Canada’s first drug prohibition happened in east Hastings Vancouver BC. East Hastings was the biggest drug scene in Canada. East Hastings and Columbia was the center of the drug trade in Canada in 1958. There are over 2000 drug addicts in East Hastings(east side). The NDP closed all of the liquor stores on east Hastings and main because the liquor stores were taking over and used as drug houses. Pay phones were removed because they were used to set up drug meets. Every building on east Hastings is used as stores to sell drugs mainly cocaine and weed/ marijuana.
Teen Crisis And Issues In The Media
Where Are Drugs use Primarily Located
Tylenol can get you high
Addiction starts randomly people can get hooked on pain killers cause their bodies get used to the drug and the pain never goes away. Also if the drugs are easy to get the person who might buy them could get addicted to them. Another way people get addicted to drugs are through parties that they go to. They also say that they need it for medical reasons but they really don’t. Another way to get addicted to drugs is to use it in their baking. Drug’s end when the person taking it stop’s being around things or people that influence it. Also to stop taking drugs they can make a health plan and to educate themselves about the dangers that the drugs hold. To beat being addicted to drugs they have to not be bored cause it could cause a mental reaction to wanting to take the drugs.
When do Drugs Begin and End
Why Have Drugs Become Such A Issue?
Bongs are used to smoke weed
Some people are able to use drugs that prescriptive by there doctor are able to take them without ever experiencing negative consequences or addiction. People do drugs for a lot of different reasons and this is an problem. Another issue that is happening is that people do drugs because of curiosity, they want to have a good time or because there friends are doing it or to improve in athletic things or to get ride of problem like depression or stress.
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