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Dan Lip

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Apple

Is Apple Sustainable?
Packaging 26% smaller from 2007-2013, 60% more IPhone 5s boxes in each container, saves one 747 flight for every 416 667 units shipped (Apple.ca)

Integrated some facilities powered from 100% renewable energy (Apple.ca)
Apples corporate facilities worldwide run off 75% renewable energy
Constantly measuring Carbon Footprint which in 2013 was 33 800 000 metric tons of emissions (Apple.ca)

Designing products to use less electricity (ex. IMac uses 97 % less power in sleep mode then the first IMac)(Apple.ca, Environmental Responsibility)

Striving for less harmful materials in product and packaging such as arsenic free glass display, Mercury free Led Backlit display, BFR free, PVC free, Beryllium free

Implemented a recycling program where old products are disassembled and reusable components such as glass and metal are removed
Majority of the plastics can be pelletized into a raw secondary material
Apple often achieves a 90 percent recovery rate by weight of the original product. (Apple Recycling Program)
Apples Itunes gift cards, packaging, Iphoto products all use recycled materials (Apple.ca, Environmental Responsibility)
IPhone 5s box 41% smaller then first IPhone (Apple environmental report 2013)
Using a new dissolving materials in their packaging called tapioca paper which 100% biodegradable (Greenster.com, 2013)
Product boxes made primarly of bio-based materials (IPhone 6, Environmental report)
Labor and Production
Apple outsources it's manufacturing to countries with cheaper labor
Currently manufactures in China, Mongolia, Korea, and Taiwan
Primary manufacturer is Foxconn in China
Apple is constantly criticized for outsourcing it's production, where workers are paid little, hours are long, and conditions are often poor
Average Junior Foxconn employee makes $290 a month before deductions (Mack, 2012)
Chinese workers making IPhones work 11 hour shifts, 6 days a week (Smith, 2013)
"We have a big responsibility to leave a smaller footprint" (Apple.com, 1998)
Apple has the same amount of passion for innovation as it does for being environmentally responsible (Apple.com, 1998).
Apple has a vision to leave the world better then the way [they] found it (Apple.ca, Environmental Responsibility)

Establish some manufacturing in the US where employees are payed a living wage in adequate conditions.
Continue to provide environmental responsibility reports to the public
Continue to reduce environmental footprint by creating more safe, energy efficient products and renewable facilities
Create a mission statement has more emphasis on the relationship between people, planet, and profits
Keep recycling in the US, nothing is shipped overseas
Smaller packaging means less packing
They make thin, light more material efficient products, that stack more efficiently resulting in fewer trips (Apple, 2014).
Apple minimizes the number of physical stores by setting up in high traffic urban centers. (Apple 10-K Annual report, 2014)
Fewer physical stores means fewer deliveries, thereby reducing transport costs and emissions.
In term of Environmental ethics Apple is doing very well
They are leading the way as one of the greenest tech giants
Finding new ways of eliminating toxins, reducing packaging and power, and recycling
Social Responsibility
Socially irresponsible (Labor)
Contracting labor out to cheap companies (Foxconn) where workers are payed little and work long hours in poor conditions
Social or Environmental
Companies are built of their their reputation that they've established. Finding the right line between ethical practice and profits is in important area that must be established. Apple for example has focused more attention on the environmental sustainability aspect. Some people may think that the money would be better spent elsewhere considering the amount of finances it takes to endeavor in renewable facilities, eliminating waste from products and implementing a recycling system. In a sense these aspects are used to cloud Apples short falls in social responsibility. They have invested money into keeping their company sustainable in an environmental angle but have neglected other areas such as labor where there is a disregard for ethics and sustainability because of the poor conditions and minimal pay that the workers must suffer.
Apple.com,. (1998). Apple - Environmental Responsibility. Retrieved 8 April 2015, from https://www.apple.com/environment/
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