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Strathcona BIA Green Zone Initiative

No description

Joji Kumagai

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Strathcona BIA Green Zone Initiative

About Strathcona One of the founding neighbourhoods of Vancouver
Industrial roots – Hastings Mill, fisheries Resource Exchange Materials exchange network
Repurposing of materials through collaboration between businesses, organizations, artists and residents The Strathcona BIA implemented the Green Zone Initiative (GZI) in 2006
GZI is a mandate to work with area businesses on integrating more sustainable practices into operations
Involves creating efficiencies and utilizing waste as a resource through collaboration Urban Tree Nursery In partnership with Hastings Crossing BIA, a nursery of trees and perennials along Hastings Street About Strathcona Currently, mix of manufacturing, light industry, retail, high tech, residential, artist studios Resource Exchange
Zero Waste Challenge
Resource Park
Urban Tree Nursery
Sustainability Expos
Waste audits Zero Waste Challenge Resource Park A site in Strathcona that will allow for localized processing of food waste and the collection of recyclables as well as a depot for the Resource Exchange Resource Park Benefits of the GZI Increased member engagement
External funding opportunities
Recognition for businesses and BIA
Alignment with demands of consumers for more socially responsible businesses 29-Sep-09 SBIA AGM 2009 Strathcona BIA
Green Zone Initiative www.strathconagreenzone.com Food waste Resource
Park Vermicompost Community
projects Sale of vermicompost Local jobs for youth, disadvantaged people Programs & Events Businesses & organizations
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