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No description

milla todan

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of ROWAN OF RIN

chapter 4
I was still running back to the village when Sheba spotted me and asked why I was in such a hurry. I answered timidly as I felt my nose run again and sniffed. Sheba said in a soft voice that I needed another dose of her potion because my nose was running like a stream. She pointed to the bulging bag at her feet and said I have slip daisy roots here and that she will brew the potion that night. She had said am I not grateful for her work. she also had asked me why The Travellers were here. I honestly had no idea and had thought she would have known. She had said that The Travellers never come two years in a row. I said no, I knew nothing about The Travellers. Sheba looked in my eyes and said you are lying. She started calling me a weakling, then I looked up at the mountain and remembered what I had done so I didn't take it in. Suddenly Sheba said this Riddle which I have been trying to work out all afternoon.
chapter 5 & 6
I come into town and people are yelling at me asking why am I late. I tell them that Sheba got into my way, but they seem to have no attention on that. I was thinking of telling them the riddle that Sheba told me but I didn't because I thought Sheba could be playing a trick on me. later on as I was in camp Ogden was telling a story about giants and the field of gold. While I was in camp I was thinking about Sheba and trying figure out the riddle but I just couldn't.
chapter 10 to 12
The room fell silent, I looked up and saw my mother standing right in front of me and had just returned from checking on Bree and Hannah. She was just in time for the news. As I looked at her I could see she was afraid for us. we were talking about how we think the Travelers are working with Zee back maybe just to get Zee back to help them find the valley of gold. apparently the Zee back has always wanted to takeover Rin but has never succeeded. as we were talking people were saying that the Travelers would never do such thing to us and that they are our friends. later on that night we were at bree and hannahs house discussing things. everyone was falling into a deep sleep under a curse. people were saying that me and allun should go and see the travelers on the mountain. when we got there they weren't there this was really bad.

Chapter 7 to 9
A good journey
Monday 1st of September
chapter 14 to 15
Allun had asked Ogden to remove the curse from the people of Rin. As we were talking I start thinking that Zeel is the Zeback. the strong leather belt that bound me to zeel while i'm feeling dizzy with a hundred different thoughts. which were his mother, Annud, Sheba, Zeback, the Travellers, Ogden, the secrets to the valley of gold and the pit of Unrin...
the pit of unrin is a place of evil and darkness a place of death it is a place to fear and a place to dread.
The first time I heared of the pit of Unrin I had woken in the night screaming with nightmares. that was when I was little and my father was alive.

Rowan and the travelers

chapter 13
Dear Diary,
Today is the first day of Spring the worst time of the year. I woke up in bed as usual. later on As I was doing my farm job, I realized that something was up, because the bukshah were acting weird. Then I over heard that the Travelers were coming. They come every two years. Its always fun when they come because they do awesome stuff with us. Such as- circus tricks, toys, games, and heaps more. we had a meeting today about the Travelers coming, we talked about hiding the berries on the mountain.
See Im feeling excited that their coming but a bit suspicious on how the buckshah and a few other people are acting weird about it. Maybe the Travelers are really bad people, but I just don't see how that could be. I was in the fields with Marlie, Strong Jonn, and Allun. To ask the forerunners why they came to visit. I was a bit suspicious on what they had said back, because it didn't sound true. So then I started running back to the village to tell them what happened. Then as I was running the slip daisies started giving me hay fever which wasn't at a good time. But then I took out the foul tasting medicine Sheba gave me and felt relief after I existed the flower Fields.
There was a stir in the crowd, I looked up with my dream interrupted. Allun was stepping forward. As he was going to tell us a story. Suddenly Ogden pulled me from the crowed and wanted to ask me a few questions. when he asked the questions I was a little suspicious because I thought there was something behind those questions. When I walked into the forest with Allun, my mother and Strong Jonn. I felt suspicious but decide to not tell them that. I was thinking of telling them about the riddle but strong Jonn had to go and guard the mountain berries, so I didn't. When Strong Jonn was going to the mountain he saw Bree and Hannah on the ground by the mountain berries. Strong John called out for help and I came running to him. I saw that Bree and Hannah were in a deep sleep lying on the ground. I decide to go and wake up Marlie and Timon.
When we had got back from the mountain
everyone had fallen asleep then I thought to myself could this get any worse.
Allun and I tried lifting up Jilla and strong John, but we just couldn't so we left them. We then decided to leave Rin. On the way I started thinking about Shebas riddle repeating in my head. the evil circle is complete... the evil circle is complete.
then it just went away. Allun and I were following the tracks of the travelers carts.Then Allun pulled out Sarah his mothers whistle and plew into it and the Traveleres came. Allun said he must speak to Ogden. and so we had to do a journey to see him.

Chapter 16 to 17
we were just leaving to go om our adventure me and zeel were saying goodbye to everyone as they were saying good luck and keep safe. I was so nervous going to the pit of Unrin which guarded the valley of gold. we went through trees that were scary, one of roots grabbed my legs. later on we came to a land that was messed up. Zeel said lets go. i looked into the ground picked up some dirt rubbed it into my fingers. and found something shining through it. it was gold. i said to Zeel," Zeel this isn't the pit of Unrin it is the valley of gold. the pit of Unrin is the valley of gold. the both the one". Zeel looked at me in surprised trying to understand and fix the puzzle she had thought.
chapter 18 to 19
We were hanging around the valley of gold when I spotted a bird asleep by the mountain berry bush. it was in a deep sleep. I then noticed that he fell asleep from the berries. it all hit me in one big shot, all my people had fallen asleep from the mountain berries. and since the trees eat humans their the ones who put people to sleep by using the mountain berries then eating everyone. That's how the last village disappeared. oh no my people are going to get eaten, I then told Zeel everything that I figured out. and then noticed that the riddle is complete because the secret enemy is the trees. Zeel then said we need to get out of here. I said hang on while i grab the bird. the trees had then awoken and said your not going anywhere. so me and Zeel started climbing the mountain.
chapter 20
it ends up that all the trees will eventually turn into one big tree. Zeel and I had to start heading to the village to warn them as the tree was on its way. when we had got there, there was trees everywhere we had to think of a solution and quick. we ended up using fire to burn down the trees. every one was there except for sheba . people had woken up. the village was back to normal. zeel had given me the golden owl. what a wonderful journey.
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