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Tropical Island: Law & Order

Grd. 11 Law Assignment

Tolu Aibana

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Tropical Island: Law & Order

The Order . The Situation A society is formed from chaos Using information gathered by the pilot and crew about the island, they were able to come up with a plan that will enable everyone to survive for at least the next six months. The Council ( leaders) have been elected and concluded on decisions regarding the groups organization. BY: Tolu Aibana, Sharon Jacob & Zach Condotta TROPICAL ISLAND: LAW AND ORDER The plane had crashed into a deserted tropical island. The Law Dotta Island . Luckily everyone survived including the pilot, the crew, and all 50 passengers. ( I ) Thou shall not steal. ( V ) Thou shall not break curfew . ( II ) Thou shall not act violently towards others. ( IV ) Thou shall not murder ( III ) Thou shall not neglect one's duties. Defn. :Taking items from the society's supplies. Includes exceeding supply restrictions (surplus things for yourself).
Consequence: finding a way to repay what you took. Defn.: physically hurting those around you. Ex. fighting.
Consequence: one is subjected to latrine duty. Defn.: Not accomplishing the daily tasks or duties assigned to you.
Consequence: taking on extra tasks for the week. Defn.: intentional homicide; killing of another person.
Consequence: one will be subjected to total isolation from camp grounds. Defn.: everyone in the group is required to be back at camp by sunset to check in.
Consequence: those who fail to return for an unreasonable cause will be subjected to fire duty for two days. Laws are made as a mandatory set of rules established and enforced by the council. These laws include consequences if not followed by group members. THE FIVE COMMANDMENTS CIVIL LIABILITIES These crimes were deemed unacceptable by the Council, and will be punishable if found guilty. #2 Stealing from an individual #3 Sexual Assult #1: Harrasement Everyone in the group is given a job or task that they are responsible for. This ensures order and structure in the group. Food & Shelter Government Courts Defense Which includes the leadership, defense, food, shelter, and courts to ensure the group's survival. - council is elected by members of the group who are over 16 years of age
- council is composed of 8 members who decide and create laws, rules, and regulations for the group to abide by
- within the council a vote is made for the three head judges
- the three head judges are decided to be the pilot, her co-pilot, and a member of the crew
- judges are inclined to regulate court proceedings and decide on a final verdict -8 men, 5 women gatherers
-slickly steal and kill the sheep (makes sure not to capture the attention of the cannibals)
- use different techniques to distract the apes (make noises around the apes in order to lure them away from the coconut trees) to gather coconuts
- fish in SHALLOW waters so in order not to get eaten by sharks
- grass/flowers/leaves on island identified by qualified people on the plane also enable us to expand our diet because we recognize that it is safe to eat-edible, safe, recognized bugs
–children are required to collect fresh water from a lake nearby (with supervision)
- as well as collecting water from sea and boiling it in order to make it safe to drink
- five women are assigned to always be on camp preparing the area and food, looking after sick and elderly, as well as keeping the area sanitized

- defendant and victim enters court and share their own stories/opinions
- society votes on who is guilty (must be 16+ to vote)
- judges base their decision on who is guilty from votes and creates a verdict - defense army also acts as rule enforcers Six Months Later ... Defn.: making crude coments about another person's race, sexuality, gender etc.

Remedy: give a portion of your meals to the victim for two days. Defn.: taking someone's belongings without their permission.

Remedy: returning of the object taken, as well as washing the victim's clothes for the week. Defn.: unwelcome actions or conduct toward another person of sexual nature.

Remedy: restraint from victim, as well as a week of isolation away from camp grounds. - consists of our strongest, most qualified people within the camp6 men, 3 women
– constantly on patrol of camp and taking turns to stay up and guard camp (especially in the case of a cannibalistic attack)
- weapons include spears (shaving the end of bamboos) knives laws or rules regarding behavior or conduct between individuals With patience and hard work the group is discovered by a passing helicopter which notifies authorities in order to rescue the group - camp is situated outside/near cave
-3 shelters built side by side (one strictly women, one strictly men, one for families)-shelters built out of bamboo
- palm leaves are weaved together to create a roof like structure for shelter-cave is used as hospital for sick and injured
- cave is also used as a storage for supplies/weapons
- everyone sleeps in shelters outside
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