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Making Healthy Meals

No description

Molle Polzin

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Making Healthy Meals

Increase variety of fruits & vegetables

Color, Texture & Taste

Frozen, Canned or Dried
What do you see?
What do you see?
Ask Yourself...
Are you serving these foods?
Do you want to serve these foods?
Why are you serving these foods?
How can you make your meals more healthy?
Lean Meats
Low-fat or
Skim Milk
Increase Variety of
Fruits & Vegetables
Limit Highly-
Processed Foods
Limit Juice
More Whole Grains
Page 12 of Healthy Bites
Stretching your food dollar
Nutritious foods = most value for your dollar
Compare unit prices

Unit price = package price divided by # of units (ounces or items)
$2.40 / 12oz = $0.20/ounce
Comparing Prices
Barriers to serving
healthy meals
Children like "kid-friendly" foods
Knowing how to prepare healthy foods
Get Kids Interested in Fruits & Vegetables
Highlight a fruit/vegetable of the month
Taste Testing
Read books about it
Incorporate into learning, art projects,
and physical activities
Add to menu

What is the most nutritious yet economical way to prepare chicken?
Chicken nuggets
Precooked chicken breast
Boneless, skinless chicken
Limit 100% Juice
Fruits are good sources of dietary fiber
Juice provides increased calories and sugar compared to whole fruit
Too much juice may cause tooth decay and lead to childhood obesity

Why Whole Fruit Instead of Fruit Juice?
4-6 oz

day (at home and child care)
Children eat
of their needed calories while they are in early care and education settings

You Make a Difference
Did you know…
1 cup apple = 64 calories and 13 g sugar
Serve More Whole Grains
Make ½ your grains whole grains
Serve fewer processed, or refined, grains
Could you serve healthier foods if you had more money?
Increase l
ean protein foods:
seafood, beans, lean beef & pork
chicken, turkey

p. 16 of Healthy Bites

Decrease highly-processed convenience foods:

chicken nuggets, corn dogs
fish sticks, macaroni & cheese
Helps pay for the cost of serving healthy meals and snacks
What is the purpose of the CACFP?
Whole grain = first ingredient
whole wheat, whole rye, whole grain corn, whole oats, quinoa, oatmeal, brown rice, bulgur, wild rice
p. 15 of Healthy Bites

Don’t be fooled by color
Caramel coloring may be added
Nutrition Facts label
At least 3 grams of fiber/serving
Look for whole grain
Children 12-24 months = Whole Milk
Children over 2 years = 1% or skim milk
No flavored or sweetened milk
What if you had an extra...
Children want "Kid-Friendly" Foods
Lack of Food Prep Knowledge
Healthy foods take more time
to prepare
Molle Polzin, RD, CD, Mom
Whole grain bread has 14 more nutrients (fiber) than white bread
Whole grains keep you feeling fuller longer
Quiz Time!
How many different kinds of apples are there?
How many seeds are typically on a strawberry?
What is a banana called in a bunch?
What is the bunch called?
Quiz Time!
True or False:
Brown eggs and white eggs have the same nutritional value.

What is the main food for
about half of the world’s people?
Quiz Time!
Healthy Foods
Cost too much

Click on Wellness AE/HB
Processed Foods
Minimally Processed vs.
Heavily Processed Foods
Write down action step(s) you will
take to serve healthier food!

Next Steps
Activity Time!
brown sugar
corn syrup
cane sugar
fruit juice concentrate
Added Sugar
Added Sodium
3/4 of salt consumption comes from processed foods
Look for reduced or low sodium on labels
Rinse canned beans & veggies
Added Fat
Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils = Trans Fat
How much sugar are we consuming?

How much sugar should we be consuming each day?
How can you manage this?
1 tsp =
grams of sugar
Women should consume <
g/d (
Men should consume <
g/d (
Actual consumption = 88 g/d (
Healthy Snack Ideas
1 cup apple juice =
calories and
g sugar =

Same as 1 cup of cola
These are creditable CACFP meals and unfortunately what we see on a lot of agencies' menus
About 200
A Finger
A Hand
Over 7,000
Learn to love vegetables in six easy steps with your children - shop and cook vegetables together; eat a variety of vegetables; serve vegetables first.
This book was given out at training. To get a copy, email cacfptraining@dpi.wi.gov.
To get a copy of this handout, email cacfptraining@dpi.wi.gov
Defined in the handout found in the next slide
Be on the lookout for hidden sugar. Here are other names for sugar when looking at an item's ingredient list:
True: The breed of chicken determines the color of the eggshell but not the nutrients
Email cacfptraining@dpi.wi.gov for a copy
Email cacfptraining@dpi.wi.gov for a copy
Back page of the Choosing Healthy Foods handout on the training webpage
One of the handouts on the training webpage
Refer to Choosing Healthy Foods handout on Training webpage for ideas on how to overcome this barrier
Refer to Choosing Healthy Foods handout on Training webpage for ideas on how to overcome this barrier
Refer to Choosing Healthy Foods handout on Training webpage for ideas on how to overcome this barrier
Refer to Choosing Healthy Foods handout on Training webpage for ideas on how to overcome this barrier
Choosing more nutritious foods gives you the most value for your dollar. Some healthier options may be more expensive, so in order to be able to buy those items, you could save money on other items you're buying.
This is the range of CACFP reimbursement agencies receive while participating on the CACFP.
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