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Innovative Learning Spaces

No description

Tania Irons

on 5 February 2018

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Transcript of Innovative Learning Spaces

What does this look like in our classrooms?
Joining the Dots Pod 4
Innovative 21st Century Learning Spaces
What is an innovative 21st Century Learning Space?
Education Innovation in the slums
Charles Leadbeater - TED Talk
Staff thoughts on what constitutes a 21st Century Learning Space?
It's not about the furniture!!
Growth Mindset
Carol Dweck
The 4 Cs
Key Messages -
Learning should be about pull, not push
Innovative learning starts with questions
Motivation needs to be both extrinsic and intrinsic

Where to from here?
Growth Mindset in the classroom
Open learning space with other classes to differentiate across the Stage
Continue to increase our self-awareness as teachers to reflect constantly on our practice
Explore further opportunities to allow learning to start with questions
Exploring ways to make engagement a key curriculum factor that is measured and accounted for
Focusing on the development of 21st Century learning
in students
Video of our successes thus far
What do innovative 21st Century learning spaces look like and why is this important?
Engagement - How do we measure how engaged our students are?
What does this look like in our classrooms?
Evidence of Engagement
What does this look like in our classrooms?
What does this look like in our classrooms?
Self Organised Learning Environments
Wicked Writers
Differentiated writing across Stage 2
Open Learning
What does this look like in our classrooms?
Year 9 English
The Diary of Anne Frank
Year 10 Advanced Maths - Rethinking the implementation of the teaching cycle
Year 9/10 Commerce Mock Trial
Engagement Survey Data shows:
Blairmount Public School
Over the past 2 years the school-wide focus has seen a shift from student behaviour management to student engagement.
Blairmount Year 6
Student-centred learning through Genius Hour
Blairmount Year 1
What do you think a 21st Century Learning space is?
It is a space that encourages student centred and directed learning. It is a space that encourages and facilitates students to think creatively, investigate critically and engage in collaborative learning with peers and teachers.
What do you think a 21st Century learning space looks like?
An environment that is fluid, enticing and comfortable. We can see students working collaboratively, motivating and inspiring each other to take risks and question what is before them. Students challenging the ‘’norm’’, experimenting and seeking out their own answers to given questions, through the use of technology.

Beverley Park
The Grange P.S.
Sarah Redfern PS
Leumeah HS
What do you feel the role of the classroom teacher is in the 21st Century Classroom?
The role of the classroom teacher is to facilitate, motivate, inspire and encourage students to develop a love and passion for their own learning path. To provide guidance, feedback and insight into subject matter; whilst posing and encouraging thought provoking questions to develop critical thinking and reflection.

What do you feel the role of the student in the 21st Century classroom is?
To navigate and develop their own bank of skills, that will enable them to think critically, collaborate with peers and develop a personal love of learning. They are self-motivated problem solvers, examiners, listeners and leaders.

What is the purpose of 21st Century Learning?
To acknowledge that each student is an individual and as such learns in different ways. To ensure that students are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to not only use technology, but adapt to constant change in a fast paced society. As teachers we have a greater role in teaching skills and strategies, rather than content.

What is the benefit of 21st Century Learning?
Students become more engaged in learning as is more meaningful and authentic. Students develop the necessary skills to learn how to learn, thus promoting lifelong learning away from the classroom. Allowing students to take control and lead their learning, promotes a sense of pride and accomplishment. This in turn, creates individuals that are engaged, happy and enthusiastic about school.

Riding for the Disabled at Tahmoor
Shopping Centre
Sensory Room
Genius Hour
Outside the
four walls
'You are a genius and the world needs your contribution'
- Angela Maiers
"Fair Go Model" of Engagement
An examination of
"The 4Cs"
& the
"Fair Go Model" of engagement in practice
Teachers have the freedom to experiment with innovative pedagogy to bring about an increase in student engagement.
Students regularly work on interest-based projects where they are able to find, nuture and grow their passion for learning. Teachers coach student-directed learning.
Physical spaces in many classrooms have changed to support shifts in pedagogy.
Open learning spaces comprising 2 full-time teachers and 1 class of 45 students
Year 9 English
It is giving us the skills to learn better in Senior years
I don't choose what I learn. I only choose if I learn it or not.
Maths is making us smarter.
"...classes working together, more teamwork and more brains"
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