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British rule over Hong Kong

No description

Kylah Hatchett

on 17 January 2015

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Transcript of British rule over Hong Kong

British rule over Hong Kong
Hong Kong is seized by British naval forces in 1841 during the first Opium war.
Hong Kong gives up Territory
The Opium war ended with the 1842 Treaty of Nanking which lead to Hong Kong giving up their territory to Britain.
Regained rights
Convention of Beijing
Convention of peking under which china ceded the Kowloon peninsula to Britain.
China regained land
The chinese were allowed to regain land along the island's waterfront which created the modern central district.
Quin goverment Overthrown
In 1911 , the imperial Quing government was overthrown by revolutionary forces led by Sun Yat-sen.
Hong Kong is returned back to China. At midnight the crown colony of Hong Kong officially reverted to chineses sovereignty, ending 156 years of British rule.
British ambush on Hong kong
1854 - 1859
The chinese government authorities regained the right to be in the government.
August 29, 1842
January 20, 1841
October 18, 1860
Back to china
July 1, 1997
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