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No description

Chloe Knudtson

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Randy

Randy Knudtson My Dad Leadership Motivation Perseverance Advice Introduction Randall Knudtson is my Dad
He is 49 years old
Born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin
IT Director for Bemis Company
I picked my dad as my role model because he is very self-motivated and I look up to him as a person I would like to be similar to him when I grow up Leadership:
Helping a group of people meet a common goal and helping each person individually on the way
Leadership traits:
Strict, generous, honest, loyal, willing to compromise
Leadership style:
Democratic Motivation for himself:
Satisfaction of getting work done
Wanting a good life
Motivation for others:
Tells good things that could come out of a situation
Tries to make work fun Example of overcoming adversity:
At work there was a problem in his branch and he called a meeting right away, made a plan to fix the problem, and assigned people to different positions in order to fix the problem
Gathered people
Talked about the problem
Solved the problem
My dad said he learned it is easiest to confront a problem right away and get it solved before it turns into a lot bigger problem Advice:
Work hard now and it will pay off later
Be straight forward with people
Do what you love
What I learned:
Confront issues right when they come up
If i work really hard and I am focused now, it will all pay off in the end
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