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Copy of Old Man of the Temple

No description

Tim Keller

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Old Man of the Temple

Old Man of the Temple
By: R. K Narayan Point of view Setting Characters Conflict Themes Mood 1st person from the narrator At a temple in Koopal Doss, Krishna Battar, and The Talkative Man Doss wasn't put to rest and he would knock on the Temple door and the King would answer but no one was ever there. Past, ghost, adventure This guy that is on his way to Kumbuma 50 miles away from Malgudi is in the back seat of a taxi and the drivers name is Doss. The guy doesnt understand if Doss becomes drunk or what happens. An evil spirit entered Doss this evil spirit was not put to rest. So the narrator got left at a temple. He knocks on the temple door and theres no answer but theres yelling in the background saying "cover your ears and sleep the knocking will last a while." So he bangs on the door and yells his name and where he's from, he goes to the car and sets the horn off. The family no later opens the door and yells "we thought it was the usual knock and we wouldn't of opened the door if you hadn't spoken." The first time they heard the knock there grandfather was living. The narrator then said "It is unlikely you will troubled anymore." And sure enough he was right he passed through the village a month later and they said since then they had not heard a single knock. The person mysteriously knocking was the evil spirit that was not put to rest. The narrator was in the back of the Taxi and Doss turned into someone else. He got left at a temple. The Narrator was going to Kumbum 50 miles away for Malgudi in a taxi. The king/people at the temple had been hearing a mysterious knock on the temple door. But everytime they went to go see who was at the door no one was there. The Narrator knocked on the temple door he heard the people in side saying cover your ears it'll knock for a while and go away. So he pounded on the door and yelled his name and where he was from. He went back to the car and sounded the horn just then the door opened. The whole family came out and said they thought it was just the usual know and if he wouldnt of said his name they wouldnt of answered the door. He said it'll be unlikely you will hear it again. He was right. When he passed by a month later they said no knocking on the door was heard at nights. Summary Doss: A young fellow about 25. He is also a taxi driver who drove smoothly, seldom swore at passers-by, and exhibited perfect judgment, good sense, and sobriety. Chacterization Krishna Battar (evil spirit not put to rest): Rude and he built the temple. Knocks on the temple door at night. The talkative man: A business man who is curious about Krishna and confused about what happens to Doss while driving the taxi for him. Goes to the temple and makes the knocking go away. Scared, Happy 1: "...the surrounding country was swallowed up in the night." pg.178
2: "...gradually his head sank." pg.178
3: "...as good fight as any many can." pg. 180
4: "He drew himself up..." pg. 181 Literary Devices
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