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Eclipse simulator essential course

Introduction to reservoir simulation 5th CLASS October 2012

Mohanned Khairy

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Eclipse simulator essential course

Introduction to reservoir simulation Eclipse reservoir simulator
Essential Course By:3M.khairy Definition: Reservoir Simulation:?? reservoir simulation is the combination of Physics,Mathematics,Reservoir Engineering and Computer Modeling. Physics: Fluids Flow throw porous mediums Mathematics Continuity and Diffusivity Equations Reservoir Engineering Seismic.
Structural Maps.
Geological Data.
Fluid and Rock properties.
Material Balance.
Well Testing.
Production History Computer Modeling Deploy the Numerical Solution on the reservoir Model to create a dynamic Model used on the prediction of the reservoir performance The purpose of the reservoir simulation: predict the behavior of a reservoir to different production scenarios
increase the understanding of its geological properties by comparing known behavior to a simulation using different geological representations Why Computers? Large Data handling and processing
workstation. Questions Can be answered
By reservoir Simulation: What is the most efficient well spacing? What are the optimum production strategies? Where are the external boundaries located? What are the intrinsic reservoir properties? What is the predominant recovery mechanism? When and which improved recovery technique
should we implement? Old Techniques: Analogical Methods. Experimental Methods. Mathematical Methods. Using properties of mature reservoir that are geographically or petrophysically similar to the target reservoir to attempt predict the reservoir performance recovery factor.
initial production rates
well spacing
recovery mechanism. Used To:: Measure Physical properties such as (Rates,pressure,saturation,permeability) in lab models and scale these result to the entire hydrocarbon accumulations Mathematical representation of the reservoir: MBE.
Decline Curves. Modeling: Phases Of the simulation study: - Define objectives
- Data collection
- Data review and analysis
- Pre-simulation analysis
- Select type of simulator
- Model construction Type of the study:
Size Of the model:
No of cells,no wells,quantity of data.
Simulation time.
cost/ benefit.
Money vs efficiency
Black oil vs compositional
user friendliness.
Data handling and processing Conservation of mass:
nothing created nor destroyed
Conservation of momentum:
rate of change of fluids depends
on force applied Reservoir Simulators: Static Model Dynamic Model Production History well data seismic geological coring,SCAL RFT Well Testing Petrophysics CMG-Computer Modeling Group
Landmark VIP Nexus
JOA/ Sensor ECLIPSE: From Wiki:
ECLIPSE is an oil and gas reservoir simulator originally developed by ECL (Exploration Consultants Limited) and currently owned, developed, marketed and maintained by SIS (formerly known as GeoQuest), a division of Schlumberger. The name ECLIPSE originally was an acronym for "ECL´s Implicit Program for Simulation Engineering". Ian Cheshire was the team leader.[1]
ECL was, as its name implied, an exploration oriented consulting firm. Ted Daniels decided to expand into reservoir engineering in order to broaden the base of the company and to avoid the cyclic downturns in exploration based revenues. ECL had previously been awarded the Queens Award for Exports and, based upon the success of ECLIPSE, was subsequently awarded the Queens Award for Technology. E 100
E 300
E 500 Black Oil Compositional Thermal Course Description: The stage pre-eclipse??Data preparation other software’s (petrel-well test) What are the types of files, data will be used to run the simulator? Eclipse keywords How to write the main data file??Eclipse.dat Eclipse Sub-Programs: flogrid,floviz,gridsim,vpvti,etc Run. Results and history matching THANKS ?
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