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United Health Services Case

No description

Brad Buysse

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of United Health Services Case

Walk-In Clinic Case Study
Process Flow
Pre-Triage Wait Times
Total Wait Time: 29 mins
Total Patient Visit Time: 61.8 mins
Total Wait Time: 39 mins
Total Patient Visit Time: 68.4 mins
Triage System Wait Times
Total Wait Time: 29.9 mins
Total Patient Visit Time: 62.7 mins
Total Wait Time: 48.4 mins
Total Patient Visit Time: 67.8 mins
Hourly Capacity vs. Demand
Nurse Practitioner
Pre-Triage System
Triage System
Triage System Process Flow
Solomon Akanki
Brad Buysse
Chris Olson
Ginny Winninger
Nurse Practitioner vs. Physician
What Impact Does a 4% Increase to Arrival Rate Have?
Waiting Time with Current Arrival Rate:
Wq = 10.994/14.3 = 0.7688 hour or 46.129 minutes

Waiting Time with 4% Arrival Rate Increase
Wq = 22.722/14.872 = 1.528 hours or 91.67 minutes

Business Exec vs. Student
Different Peak Demand Times
Health Care Plans / Desired Services

Impacts of patients requesting a specific Doctor
Other Recommendations
Nurse Practitioners spend on Avg. 1.5 times more with patients
Savings of $15.46/hour

Managing Capacity
Utilize 3 reserved Exam Rooms

Expand Nurse Practitioners ability beyond the 13 approved categories

Adjust Staffing Levels to meet Demand
Managing Demand
Call-ahead scheduling

Eliminate ability to see specific MD during Walk-In clinic hours

Managing Waiting Experience
Provide services like wi-fi

Publish expected wait times on-line and in waiting areas

Online Check-in to eliminate "in waiting room" wait times
Future State Staffing
Capacity for 10% increase in Demand
1) Creates a CCR for specific Doctors while others have capacity
2) Disrupts patient flow, ultimately increasing wait times

Require patients who wish to see a specific Doctor schedule appointments in off-peak hours or at the regular clinic

University Heatlh Services Walk-In Clinic

Staffed by Nurse Practitioners and MDs to treat Students, Faculty, and Faculty Dependants

Patient Surveys indicate Wait Time to be an opportunity

Introduced Triage System to Address
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