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No description

Karlyn Lienhard

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of Supernatural

Dean's role in supernatural is to be a hero while also protecting his little brother and occasionally getting the girl. He is quite the ladies man having more interpersonal flings than Sam would. Dean also provided comic relief to the show by joking about how cute he is or by making pie references.
Dean has been working in the family business for years. This 'family business' happens to be killing demons which his father took up when his mother was brutally killed by a demon. For his whole life Dean had a very poor family life;his father raised him teaching him how to use weapons and kill. He also never consistently went to the same school because they always moved where the next monster was. Dean always had to fight for his father's affection. Even though he stayed with his dad while Sam went to college, it was obvious that their father's affection lied with Sam.
Major goals/issues
Dean has many issues, but some of the most obvious would be his inability to have commitment and he fact that he puts his relationship with Sam before everything. These two problems go somewhat hand in hand because Dean gave up a normal family life with a woman and her son to with Sam when he found out Sam was alive. He also does this to protect them from harm. A goal of Dean's which is also somewhat of his issue, is that he will do anything possible to protect the only thing in life he has left; Sam.
Adler's Psychoanalytic theory
Alfred Adler theory is based on the idea that people need to strive for perfection.

Dean has somewhat of a superiority complex; especially when he is fighting demons. He thinks he is so much better than the demons and has a confidence that is very extreme.
When it comes to birth order, Dean is a very typical eldest child. He was very rebellious as a teen,had a hard time making friends, he liked, and still does, having control, and most important, he loves picking on Sam and he cares so much for him because it is his job to protect him even though they are both full grown adults.
Background of Supernatural
Dean Winchester
Karlyn Lienhard
The premise of Supernatural, is that two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester devote their lives to hunting demons and other evil creatures in order to protect the people. They were trained by their father as children to hunt demons and were never able to enjoy a normal life.
Dean Winchester is the oldest child of the Winchester family. When he was four years old he witnessed his mother being brutally murdered by a demon and had to spend the rest of his childhood being trained and hunting demons around the country with his father and little brother looking for revenge. Throughout his whole life, Dean always looks out for Sam and would do anything for him. At one point in the series, he even brings Sam back from the dead.
Maslow's Humanistic Hierarchy of needs
The point of Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs is to show the level of ones potential fulfillment.

Dean's primary level of fixation seems to be at the love/belonging stage because even though he has been able to be with women intimately, he can never create long lasting relationships. Also even though he would do anything for Sam, certain things he does for him cause Sam to hate Dean and thus strains their relationship as brothers making Dean do anything to get them back together.
Big Five Traits
McCrae and Costa believed that all 5 traits are universal and biological in origin.

Dean seems to be somewhat extroverted because he acts very well when he is around people. He is constantly able to get the attention of women and he can also get police officers to believe he is a government official by so easily deceiving them and confidently lying to them about who he really is. He is also good at weaseling himself out of tough situations that a normal person wouldn't be able to do.
Dean seems to show absolutely no conscientiousness especially in season 9. He has very little regard to others especially when they get in his way of hunting a demon. He killed a monster even though she hurt no one and had a family just because he was worried she might falter and hurt someone. He also cannot control his urge to kill demons when he gets his hand on the first blade-something which Cain used to kill demons.the only way he can be put out of the trance is if Sam gets him out of it.
I think that Adler's theory best describes Dean because his birth order really affects his whole character. If Dean was not the oldest brother, he would be very different in the way he acts around others and especially with Sam. He also would not be the man that so many people love.
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