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poodle grooming


jedaliz munoz

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of poodle grooming

Poodle grooming
By: Jedaliz Munoz What is a poodle? A poodle is a dog that was thought to originated in Germany.
Their name in German is Pudelhund.
After the poodle was standardized in France it was commonly used as a water retriever. What is a dog groomer? A person who earn a living grooming dogs. What is a Puppy cut? A Puppy cut is a type of grooming style that is used in dog shows for puppies under 12 months old DESCRIPTION OF CUT Face, feet and base of tail are all shaved Whats the different between show groomers and regular groomer? They go to college for it
They know all types of grooms Show groomers Regular groomers They only do the cuts that people want them to do. exp ''no poms, face shaved, feet shaved" What is a Continental and a Modified Continental cut Modified Continental cut? They are both cuts used in dog shows on poodles Continental cut description Face, elbow base, back quarters down to poms, front legs between poms and pack area(shaved into circle like)are all shaved. Modified Continental cut description Face, elbow base, back quarters down to poms, front legs between poms are shaved (no hip rosettes What is the English Saddle clip? An English Saddle clip is a groom also used in show English Saddle description Face, front leg between pom and pack, crescent, base of tail separated between hind and back, hind and knee and knee and poms are all shaved Show grooms English saddle,Puppy,Continental,Modified Continental clips are for dog shows Grooming tools Groomer use: Clippers
Scissors- cuts
Nail clippers-cut nails
Tweezers-pluck ear hair
Blade What is a dog show? when dogs are rated for looks, intelligences ,etc Is it hard to groom a poodle? Its very easy to groom a poodle and they don't shed bathing is easy
brushing is medium
grooming easy Conclusion poodles can make great pets
easy to train
don't shed
good show dogs
easy to groom
Glossary poms-the puff balls on top of foot
groomer- someone who does grooms dogs hair for a living show
dog show- when dog are judge by looks ,intelligences ,etc THE END
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