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No description

Laurie Hawley

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of SuperFlex

Rock Brain
Destroyer of Fun
Totally Flexible

Can adjust his thinking and behavior

Considers others needs and wants

Great problem solver
Stays connected with others during play

Be Like SuperFlex!
Destroyer of Fun
Overly competitive
Insists on going first
Does not compromise
Does not think about others feelings
Topic Twister
Goes on and on
about his topic
Rock Brain
Rigid Thinker
Gets people to do only what he wants to do
Only sees one side of a situation
Doesn't think about others
All about ME
Goes off on tangents
Doesn't see that others may be bored or disinterested
Tries to be funny at
inappropriate times

Acts too silly

Doesn't see when his humor has worn out
Doesn't show interest in others
Doesn't think about what others may want to do
Doesn't ask person questions
Adds his own ideas to what others are playing
Brain Eater
Can't focus
Easily distracted with other thoughts or things around him
Moves body into others' space when others do not expect or want this

Body Snatcher
Wanders away from others
Does not stay with the person/group
Turns body away as if not interested
Glass Man
"Breaks"easily and all of a sudden
Gets upset over small problems
Usually thinks things are not fair
Social Thinking
Think about others and what they might need from us

Be able to shift and change our thinking when necessary
Rigid Thinker
Gets people to do only what he wants to do
Doesn't compromise
Doesn't think about others
Only sees one side of a situation
Gets person to twist topic around to the topic he wants to talk about
Grump Grumpaniny
Makes person think the worst
Believes people are unkind
Does not see that his mood makes others unhappy
See everything as negative
Mean Jean
Mean to other people
Insults other people
Bosses people around
Hogs all the attention

One-Sided Sid
It's my way or no way
Doesn't get it
Worry Wall
Influences others to worry when around
"Hits a wall" Social Situations
Unable to forget worry and talk to others
Defeating D.O.F
Tell myself, "This is just a game."
Remember, I am a "Just me" player, others will not have fun.
Defeating Was- Funny- Once
Ask myself,
"Is this a silly time or a serious time?"
Defeating Topic Twister
Notice if others look
interested or bored
Let others talk about what they want to talk about.
Defeating Grump Grumpaniny
Tell myself, "I am being negative."
Ask, "What would be a better way to think about this?"
Defeating UnWonderer
Look at the person speaking
Show I am interested in what the person is saying.
Ask questions
Use whole body listening
Defeating Brain Eater
Turn my eyes and body away from whatever is distracting me.
Refocus on the group.
Makes people uncomfortable and doesn't realize it
Defeating Space Invader
Notice how people react to me.
Adjust my body as needed.
Use one arm or bubble rule.
Defeating Body Snatcher
Face the person or group
Ask Myself, "Where should my body be?"
Stop 5:25
Defeating GlassMan
Rate my problem
Tell myself, "I am upset and
I need to take a break"

Defeating Worry Wall
Take slow, deep breaths
Think Positive to change how you are feeling
Defeating One-Sided Sid
Look for clues that the person is not interested.
Ask questions about the other person.
Defeating Mean Jean
Think Before you speak
Ask yourself "Will this hurt someone's feeling?
Notice how others are acting and match their behavior.
Take some slow, deep breaths to calm body
Energy Harvey
Constantly moving and fidgeting

Causes others to be distracted
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