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Core Five: Exam Preparation

No description

Meghan Juuti

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Core Five: Exam Preparation

Preparing for tests
Strategies for Understanding, Remembering, and Studying
Taking Tests and Exams
Academic Honesty and Misconduct
So, how should I prepare for my test?
You will need to find out the
details of the test.
- what type of questions?
- how much time will you have?
- what material is testable?
Refer to what you learned in chapter 3
Focus your study
What are three things that you can do physically in the weeks and days leading up to a test to help you be more successful?
What are some relaxation techiques that work for you?
Knowledge is power!
be your own cheerleader!
find out about the test
design a plan
join a study group
Brainstorm other useful tips
for studying....
Work with a study group
Get a tutor if needed
Preparing for Math and Science Exam
How would this be different from an English or Psychology exam?
What are some things you should consider?
Turn to page 107 for more information
Study for Understanding
What is the real meaning?
Why does it make sense? What is the logic?
How are the connections with other material?
What are the arguments against it?
Memory Aids
Concentrate on material
Check other sources, such as on Internet
Make connections
Consider the big picture
Consider the connections
Be organized
Reduce stress if possible
How do I recall specific material for a test?
1. Pay attention to what instructor emphasizes
2. Review readings before class and notes after class
3. As you reread notes, look for repeating ideas, themes, and facts
4. Think and speak the key concept and terminology in terms of the context
Flash cards
Visual maps
Successful Test Taking
Write your name on the test
Analyze, ask, stay calm
Use time wisely
Answer easy questions first
If you feel panicky, stop and and take a breath
If you finish early, check your work
Multiple Choice Strategies
Fill-in-the _____ Strategies
True-False Strategies
Matching Questions
flash cards
mind maps
read carefully
for more information check pg.111
True or False - you will find the strategies on page 111?
Use same strategies for studying as with MC questions
Give an answer for every ______
Don't assume the size of blank relates to size of answer
Before answering
Match the terms you are sure of
Try using flash cards
Review all terms and descriptions
To prepare for these types of questions
Cross them out as you go
Cheating and Plagiarizing
It isn't worth it! Not only will you fail to learn material,
there are a number of consequences...
Minimum "zero" on your exam
Reported to administration
Tainted reputation
Professors may refuse to write
letters of recommendation
So, how do I avoid it?
Do you know how to cite sources?
Keep careful notes
See appendix B on page 146 for Cambrian's Cheating Policy
If you have questions, ask
Click me to learn more
about plagiarism!
Click me for some extra help on how to study!
Free tutoring is available in The Learning Centre in room 3024 across from the library. Check it out!!
Predict questions
Read materials, including your notes
Analyze and summarize
Connect points
Select, condense, and order
Draft precise answers
Review draft for missing information and logic
Test your memory without notes
Review summaries just before the test
Make sure to read pages 105 - 115 before attempting your quiz!
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