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Welcome to 3rd Grade in Room 202!

No description

Dwight Young

on 17 August 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to 3rd Grade in Room 202!

Welcome to 3rd Grade in Room 202!
Mr. Young
21 years teaching in Lancaster, last 9 in third grade
Other experience:
3 years Hughes-Elizabeth Lakes
2 1/2 years subbing Keppel
5 years Migrant Education
Keeping track of student work and progress
Miller School web page
Notification via ClassDojo
Common Core State Standards
Fully-implemented in Lancaster School District and Miller Elementary School
Additional practice and review of skills and concepts
Each student has an account
I will assign activities from time to time
Activities can be completed at home, or during computer time at school
Expected behavior
Communicating with Mr. Young
Go to classdojo.com
either online or through the mobile app
Send the text message '@mryoungs' to 81010
Math series: My Math by McGraw-Hill
website: connected.mcgraw-hill.com
each student has an account
access to textbook and tutorials
English Language Arts
Wonders by McGraw-Hill
social studies
Educational Technology
1:1 student access to Chromebooks
Google Applications for Education
Google Classroom
Student Google accounts: accessible anywhere, anytime
Classlink launchpad
additional instruction and practice
student accounts will be set up soon
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