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Tamil Nadu

No description

Madeleine Student

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of Tamil Nadu

1,270,272,105 Total
655,875,002 Men
614,397,079 Women
Fun Facts
Palkatti Chettinadu- cottage cheese in gravy made with other toppings
Muttakos Poriyal- a vegetarian dish with cooked cabbage
Medhu Vada- a south Indian snack
Arisi Tengaay Payasam- a dessert cooked with rice and coconut
Banana Florets in Malvani Masala- bananas cooked with peas and coconut
Masala Rava Idli- Idlis made with rava
Tamarind Rice- a rice dish made with channa and urad dals
Meen Kozhambu- fish with gravy
Melagu (rice) Pongal- spicy rice
Urlai Roast- boiled potatoes with onions and tomatoes
Chicken Chettinad-spicy chicken dish
Cabbage Poriyal- shredded cabbage with lentils and coconut
Local Language

Tamil Nadu
Major Activities
Coastal city witch allows people to surf
Visit temples
Go to the spa
Coakers walk
Visit waterfalls in South Tamil Nadu
Tea Factory
Referred to as "Land of Temples"
The Indian flag has a wheel in the middle because the wheel is the symbol for dharma.
The first granite temple is located in Tamil Nadu, Brihadeswara temple
The state flower is Genus Lilium (Gloriosa Lily)
Capital is Chennai
State bird is a Chalcophaps Indica (Emerald Dove)
It is 1,30,058 sq km in size
Google Images
Located in South India
By the Indian Ocean
Can be separated into at least five parts: mountain region, forest region, arid region, fertile region, and coastal region
Some rivers are Palar, Pennar, Vaigai, and Tamiraparani Rivers
By Mary Kate Hoglund & Bianca Lindsay
Quiz....Hope You Listened
89% of Tamil Nadu citizens follow Hinduism
6.1% follow the Christian belief
5.6% follow the Muslims belief
1) What is the state bird?
2) What is the state flower?
3) What does the middle of the flag represent? Why?
4) What is Tamil Nadu referred to as?
5) By which ocean is Tamil Nadu located by?
6) 89% of Tamil Nadu citizens follow what religion?
7) What is a trail you can walk on?
8) Where is it located in India (Point on map)
9) Is the population of Tamil Nadu in the billions, millions, or thousands?
10) What two things can you do involving water?
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