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Simple Machines in the Body

No description

Mary Houchois

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Simple Machines in the Body

Simple Machines in the Body
A simple machine is a device which does something using only one action.
What is a simple machine
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Bones are levers
A lever is a rod, or plank, which moves around a point, called a fulcrum. They are used to get more leverage, or power, so that less power is needed in order to make something happen.
A Baseball Bat is a lever, because it is a rod, that pivots, around your hand, which is the fulcrum.
by Juliette Houchois
Thank You for Watching
Citations, Information
The forearm is an example of a first class lever and a third class lever, depending on the movement. The forearm is designed to have the most motion compared to force. The bones are rods, the joints are the fulcrum and the muscles provide the movement. The forearm is just one example of the levers in the body, but all bones move through a series of levers.
Teeth are wedges, because they tear apart pieces of food.
Wedges are inclined planes that move.
Such as a knife.
Wheel and Axle
An example of a wheel and axle is a doorknob. The wheel is the knob on either side of the door, and the axle is the bar that runs through the door, connecting the knobs.
An example of a wheel and axle in the body is the humerus. The humerus is the axle and the elbow and shoulder capsules are the wheels.
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