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internal seminar on current industry topic

Michelle Rosowsky

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of Perpsectives_Feb

Marathon Health's informal advisory network:
Leslie Arcana, Director of Consulting Services at HUB Int'l Gulf South, Metairie, LA
Russell Berman, Executive Vice President at Hayes Companies, Minneapolis, MN
Greg Howe, Wellness Manager at Lincoln Industries, Lincoln, NE
Franck Labiche, HR Director at Laitram, Harahan, LA
Leonard Martin, City Manager of Carrollton, TX
Catherine Hamilton, VP of Strategic Planning at BCBS of VT, Berlin, VT
Friday, February 13, 2015
Population health &
corporate social responsibility
Price transparency &

ACL and meniscus repair--June 2014
UVM Orthopedic Specialists (Dr. Slauterback):
Physician: $4,000
Other Prof Services: $1,000
Facilities (UVM): $16,000
Associates in Orthopedic Surgery (Dr. Kaplan):
Physician: $2,000
Other Prof Services: $1,000
Facilities (UVM): $16,000
BCBS payout:
Physician: $11,000
PA/Anesth: $933
UVM Medical Center: $24,000
Cost + Quality = High Value
Shift from volume to value
-- "Fair price" (averages)
-- Personalized cost estimate
(based on location, health plan, and network)
QuadMed: Intellicare
"Intellicare also helps effectively manage referrals and uses cost and quality parameters to identify the most appropriate specialty providers."
"Our price-transparency tools help our physicians and patients compare prices and make informed choices. Our physicians will help schedule appointments with outside providers and maintain communication to ensure that the right care is being delivered."
Boeing -- Seattle, WA
"Where Employers Use Quality Control to Shape Healthcare"
(L.A. Times)
Triple bottom line
“Sustained behavior change is a result of managing an employee’s entire ecosystem.”
Broader influence...
Cigna's Cost of Care Estimator
Customer examples:
--New Balance Responsible Leadership report; efforts to fight childhood obesity
--Lincoln Industries working with community connections on city-wide beverage policy; healthy vending machines
--Sheetz Healthy Blair County Coalition
--City of Carrollton, TX, healthy city 'branding'
Visser, Wayne, “The Age of Responsibility: CSR 2.0 and the new DNA of Business,” Journal of Business Systems, Governance, and Ethics, November 2010, Vol 5, Issue 3
The four phases of CSR and health & wellness
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