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Ryanair Holdings,plc Analysis

No description

Anastasija Trofimova

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Ryanair Holdings,plc Analysis

Ana Timofijčiuk
Julija Toščenko
Jevgenija Trifonova
Anastasija Trofimova
Ryanair Holdings, plc Analysis
Mission and Vision Statements

External Assessment
Competitive Analysis
Competitive Profile Matrix
Porter's Five Forces
External Factor Evaluation Matrix
Key Success Factors
Internal Assessment
Recent Business Results
Organizational Structure
Operation Management
Financial Analysis
Internal Factor Evaluating Matrix
Strategy Formulation
BUS 490: Strategic Management
Instructor Frank Thomas
LCC International University, 2013
Strategy Implementation
New Vision and Mission Statements
Strategy Alternatives
Strategy Recommendations
Existing Vision and Mission Statements
Existing Vision and Mission
Financial Analysis
Ryanair Organizational
Ryanair has a Traditional Functional Structure with functional heads reporting direct to CEO.

The management of Ryanair Holdings and Ryanair are integrated and has the same directors and executive officers.

The company in total has 9 directors and 9 executive officers in the company.
Internal Factor Evaluating (IFE)

Strategy Formulation
Internal Assessment
Operation Management
BCG Matrix
Supply Chain Management
Recent Business Results
93% on time flights
The traffic grew by 5%
The average fare is €50
A fleet of 305 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft
28-year Safety Report
External Assessment
Porter's Five Forces
EFE Matrix
Key Success Factors
Low Prices
Point-to-Point Model
No Frills
Choices of Routes
Low Operating Costs
Grand Strategy Matrix
SWOT Matrix
Boston Consulting Group Matrix
Grand Strategy Matrix
Improve quality of the service, attain the level of a certain standard such as maintenance, efficient booking and luggage handling, reliability, punctuality, and improved interaction with Ryanair travelers and crew members.
Develop the quality of the service, to make it on the level of a certain standard such as maintenance, efficient booking and luggage handling, reliability, punctuality, and interaction with Ryanair staff
To offer compensation to its passengers in cases of flight cancellation, delaying or lost luggage.
Risk Assessments
The vision statement
"To keep going up and be Europe’s largest airline in the next six years".
The mission statement
"To keep the lowest fares among all the other European airlines and to have a friendly and efficient service that satisfies the customer’s needs".
• To open at least one new base in Europe each year for the next three or four years

• To grow at a rate of 30% for the next two years to reach under twenty million passengers

• To maintain its position as Europe’s leading
low fares airline

• To operate frequently point-to-point short
haul flights, mainly out of regional and secondary airports
Customer Service Strategy
Horizontal Integration Strategy
Market Development & Market Penetration Strategies
Different Customers

Difficulties in gaining market share because of existing competitors

Increased expenses in customer service

Risk of bankruptcy of the supplier
Any Questions?
Start new domestic routes within European countries: in Eindhoven (Netherlands), Krakow, Zadar (Croatia), Chania (Greece), Marrakesh and Fez (Morocco).
Continue Company’s growth by initiating additional routes from the U.K. or Ireland to other locations in continental Europe that are currently served by higher-cost, higher-fare carriers
Expand the round network and increase frequency of flights.
Keep the main focus on low cost strategy.
Ryanair Company is seeking ownership increased control over Aer Lingus, competitors' airline company.
Thank You for Attention!
The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland
Low cost scheduled passenger airlines in Europe
One of the key players within the market, and the most profitable
Every year, it opened new hubs in Europe, started flights from new airports, and added to its aircraft fleet.
In 2003 company bought Buzz, another low-cost airline
Competitive Analysis
Competitive Profile Matrix
Ryanair - one of the strongest competitors in the cheap companies because it has the lowest price in the market of airlines.
Ryanair weakness:
company have no intercontinental flights
not so many direct destinations
Two largest competitors are:
Air Berlin
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