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First Computer Presentation

No description

Galen Bacharier

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of First Computer Presentation

Shrinkware is usually sold in stores as computer games, DVDs, and word-processes. They are then installed into the software of the computer. What Makes a Computer? Galen Bacharier & Leo Henken Hardware Software Motherboard
Central Processing Unit
Random Access Memory (RAM)
Power Supply
Video/Graphics Card
Hard Drive/Solid-State Drive
Optical Drive
External Hardware There are many main types of software. They are all used for different things, but some work together for a sole purpose. Motherboard Connects all parts of the computer
"Backbone" of the computer Central Processing Unit (CPU) "Processor"
Executes commands from hardware & software
"Brains" of computer
Manufacturers: AMD, Intel Allows computer to handle more info at a time (applications, etc.)
Created in sticks that contain various amounts of RAM (4GB, etc.) Application Software Application Software is also referred to as apps Power Supply Converts power from the outlet into power the parts of the computer can use
Heaviest part of the computer Middleware Software Video/Graphics Card Middleware interacts with the application software to perform the operations
Search engines are middleware. Computer programming Language Allows computer to send visual data to monitor/projector
Manufacturers: AMD, NVIDIA, Matrox This type software is used as an artificial language to write out and run applications. System Software Operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX are examples of system software. Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Main storage device in computer
Operating system, software, most other files stored in HDD Testware This is used to test hardware or software packages.
Testware is used by actual app tester to test the apps. Solid-State Drive Another form of HDD
No moving parts (hence the name solid-state)
Uses flash memory to store data instead of magnetic platters
Accesses data faster than normal HDDs, but much more expensive Shrinkware Random Access Memory (RAM/Memory) Optical Disc Drive Retrieves/stores data on CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, etc.
Holds much more info than other, older devices (floppy disks) Device Drivers Exterior Hardware Connected to the computer via USB cords, etc.
Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Speakers, etc. Device drivers control the hardware functions such as the printers, DVD players, and other computer hardware. Firmware Programming Tools A combination of hardware and software ROMs
etc. Programming tools are used to develop other applications and programs.
Without these tools, the computer would not function properly Sources "PC Support Guide" by Tim Fisher
"What is firmware?" Apple Support
"Types of Computer Software" Jeannie Wright 2011
"SSD (Solid-State Drive) Definition" TechTerms.com
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