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parts of the green roof

How was the South Terrace Green Roof built?

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Transcript of parts of the green roof

Use the arrows below to learn more about our green roof. Vegetation shades roof
filters and cools air
sequesters carbon
provides habitat Growing Medium provides nutrients for plants
stores and filters rainwater Drip Irrigation System high efficiency system saves water Sensor Array monitors water content
controls irrigation system Filter Membrane allows excess water to drain
prevents erosion Drainage Layer prevents excess water accumulation Root Barrier prevents structural damage from root growth Electronic Field Vector Mapping Mesh detects any leaks in the roof Waterproofing Membrane prevents water damage to roof Structural Concrete supports the weight of the assembly Closing the Loop Over 70% of the materials removed during construction of the South Terrace Green Roof were either recycled or donated for reuse. Over 50% of the materials purchased were sustainably sourced. For example, the white and gray patio pavers were locally manufactured from local materials, while the blue walking path gets its color from post-consumer recycled glass. Stormwater Treatment Research has shown that green roofs such as ours filter pollutants like zinc and copper out of stormwater runoff, and can even restore pH levels. Restoring Air Quality Through natural processes, plants cool the air and filter air pollution. Each year, the plants on the South Terrace Green Roof will remove an estimated 680 pounds of particulate air pollution--an amount equal to the annual emissions of 255 cars. A Runoff-Free Roof Green roofs in Pennsylvania have been measured to store 50% on average and up to 80% of rainwater from storms. By storing rainfall, our green roof lessens the burden on municipal systems and prevents harmful stormwater runoff from entering the Three Rivers. Saving Water The green roof plants are irrigated with aquifer water, which saves energy for the municipal system and saves drinking water for where it's really needed.

By using a high-efficiency irrigation system coupled with a sensor array, and by using aquifer water, we save over 32,000 gallons of municipal water each year. Green and Cool Green roofs mitigate the phenomenon of increased summer temperatures in urban areas, known as the urban heat island effect.

Even on a hot summer day in Pittsburgh, green roofs remain fifty degrees cooler than conventional roof materials. SOURCE: Based on data gathered by US EPA SOURCE: Penn State Center for Green Roof Research SOURCE: Penn State Center for Green Roof Research SOURCE: US EPA
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