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Ford 901 Select-O-Speed Tractor

No description

Brian Voss

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Ford 901 Select-O-Speed Tractor

History of the 901 series tractor
The Ford Motor Company came out with this tractor in 1959 and it caught the eyes of many farmers.
The 901 series tractor was known as the Powermaster tractor.
What does 971 actually stand for?
The "901" on the side of the hood is just the series number. It is actually a 971.
- High clearance row crop type, with a 172 Ci gas or 172 Ci diesel engine.
- Select-o-speed transmission with single speed PTO and a 3 point lift.
- "01" series tractor

History of the Gold Demonstrator
Ford History
Harold L Brock and other test engineers were the group of people who developed and designed this transmission. When this transmission was ready for production Harold informed the management that if they wanted to put the transmission in production that they needed to make him the chief engineer, but they decided to fire him and all of his engineers. After he left the Ford Motor Company he approached William Hewitt, chairman of Deere & company, and got a job their with all of the test engineers as well. John Deere was concerned that ford would come out with the Select-O-Speed and their models would not have that kind of feature. After the failure of this transmission ford stopped production and fired Merritt Hill and Ray Miller.

Ford 901 Select-O-Speed Tractor
By: Brian Voss, Thomas Meyer
Auto Tech

Affect on the Ford Motor Company
Ford dealers in 1959 were forced to buy a Gold Demonstrator to show off the Select-O-Speed.
There were only 2300 manufactured.
Whenever the year of the Gold Demonstrator the buyer had the option of repainting it red and gray or blue and gray or just leave it gold.
Gold Demonstrator
Henery Fords mission in 1939 was to get rid of the 19 million horses still being used on farms and wanted to replace them with a utility tractors.
He wanted these tractors to be the same price as a team of animals, harness, and the 10 acres of land it would take to feed them.
The price would be $585.

Ford Ferguson
In 1938 George and Eber Sherman, the national distributors for the fordson arranged for Harry Ferguson to visit Ford to demonstrate a small tractor of his design. The demonstration impressed Henry Ford that he immediately shook hands with Harry Ferguson agreeing to produce the tractor with the Ferguson System 3-point hitch.
This tractor was called the Ford Ferguson.
Harold Brock
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