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Copy of Copy of Generation gap problems & their solutions

No description

Cody Dalessandro

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Generation gap problems & their solutions

Generation gap problems... When various age groups lives together, numerous problems come to existance, from which we would like to introduce the following ones: 1., Different interests regarding
Eg.: Tv shows movies,
music channels,
documentaries news,
sport events more Tvs! 2., Diverse lifestyle, schedule wakes up late,
night life early bird gets the worm
(gets up early / goes to bed early) 3., Listening to music aloud disturbs the older use of headset (unhealthy) ! BUT not removing battery from hearing device! :D 4., Different temper rebelling patience tolerance, understanding, patience based on love 5., Conflicts, arguments because of different point of view due to generation gap: political
etc. compromises, discussion about these aspects 6., Technological differences BUT... We need to close that GAP People need to communicate with others The younger generations need to learn from older generations Younger generations need to get a grip on reality before reality gets them
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