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No description

Kristi Hatton

on 7 August 2016

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Transcript of PATHWAYS

What is "Pathways"?
a family
a support system to help you prepare for high school
an intervention program
helps you perform your best in 8th grade

Why are you in Pathways?
YOU are here because there are people who think YOU will be SUCCESSFUL in 8th grade and beyond with the right tools and supports!

Have you ever struggled with not having enough time in class?
Have you ever struggled academically or socially?
What will we do?
have extended time for Math and English
help with Reading strategies
practice being a good citizen and friend
learn study skills that lead to success
have a guest speakers to learn from
extra help with classwork/homework
go on at least three field trips
take learning outside the classroom
practice good attendance and being punctual
be a family
A Different Schedule
In this SPACE, In this PLACE, at this TIME, please use CARE!
ourteous (Please and Thank you)

lways Prepared (binder, pencil/pen, iPad charged)

espect (of self, teacher, classmates, and property)

ffort (100% all of the time!)
Friday REWARD Day
Room Passes
You may request to leave the room as needed when direct instruction is NOT taking place. If this becomes an issue, Mrs. Herring and Ms. Gresham reserve the right to limit passes.
For the "Tech Guy" you need a tech ticket filled out completely.
For Mrs. Lewis-Hicks or Mrs. Nix there is a yellow "Counselor Ticket" that must be filled out.
Emergency situations will override with teacher permission.

Success Ahead!!
Monday / Friday

Meet Whole Group

Team Green with Mrs.Herring
Team Blue with Ms. Gresham\

Quick Swap
Team Green with Ms. Gresham
Team Blue with Mrs. Herring

Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

Team Green with Ms. Gresham
Team Blue with Mrs. Herring

9:55-10:00 BREAK

Team Green with Mrs. Herring
Team Blue with Ms. Gresham

Field Trips
Outside Class Time
Friday Reward Day
Every Friday during last whole group
Weekly Reward for "Student of the Week" (2 per week)
Weekly Reward for "Perfect Attendance"
Must be present on FRD to receive reward
here every day, no check-ins/check-outs all day, no tardies all day.
1st: UNA/12 For Life (full day)
2nd: SURPRISE (half day)
3rd: US Space and Rocket Center (full day)

Outside Class Time
Behavior and weather permitting, we will have some of our class time outside. We will use the back lawn, the pavilion, or the outside classroom.

You are expected to have the supplies on the FMS supply list. If you do not, please speak privately with Ms. Gresham or Mrs. Herring.

Our goal is for you to learn and we want you to have the materials you need to do so.

TECH Procedures
Tech Guy: Mr. Cleveland
May visit for repairs between classes or with teacher approval.
May leave room with pass when direct instruction is not taking place
ChromeBooks should be charged every night and ready for school the next morning
Will only repair or help with school related apps or issues.
*Mrs. Herring, Ms. Gresham and/or administrators may use their discretion about who may attend any given field trips.
Google Classroom

We will have 1 "Whole Group" Google Classroom page. The code is

Mrs. Herring and Ms. Gresham will have separate CANVAS classes for their specific subjects.
MVP/VIP Recognition
At each Progress Report and Report Card time we will announce and post the MVPs and VIPs for that time.
MVP= Most Valued Performance
Anyone with an average of 80 or higher.
VIP= Very Improved Performance
Anyone with an increase of at least 1 point on their average or teacher discretion.
Whole Group Time
1) Enter the room ready for the day to begin.

2) Be prepared with your ChromeBook, Reflection Binder, pen/pencil and in your SEAT when the tardy bell rings.

3) Check GoogleClassroom for PATHWAYS group for instructions and begin working.
There are FIVE stated expectations for you to meet each and every day. They are listed out on a "Behavior Contract" that we will cover and you will sign for us to keep on file.

Consequences are set and will carry with you from Ms. Gresham's class to Mrs. Herring's class.
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