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Can the foods we eat affect our heart rate?

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Bree Austin

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Can the foods we eat affect our heart rate?

Can the foods we eat affect our heart rate?
By: Bree Austin

My project is how foods affect our heart rate.
I used 3 people to test: P1, P2, and P3.
I will be testing their heart rate before and after the trial. I will also time their heart rate for one minute.
My trials consisted of a coffee trial, decaf coffee trial, spicy food trial, chocolate food trial, and a sour food trial.

If I my experimenters consume different types of foods, does it make their blodd pressure rise as well as their heart rate?
I believe that certain types of foods affect our heart rate.
My independent variable is how long I time the experimenters and the same trials for every experimenter.
My dependent variables are the foods depending on the ingredients that affect your heart rate.
I observed when consuming one cup of lemon juice that the heartrate went down dramatically due to the high volume of acidic content. My experimenters usually made ugly faces while consuming.
I observed when consuming coffee that my experimenters heartrate went up more when consuming the premium coffee over the decaf coffee.
I observed when consuming the spicy foods my experimenters heartrate went up higher than when the experiment was conducted with chocolate.
Collect my materials and then begin the trials on my experimenters: P1, P2, and P3.
Record and organize the data into a graph.
Stop watch
Measuring cups
3 different types of foods
3 experimenters
For the types of foods used: one cup of regular coffee, decaf coffee, hot salsa, lemon juice, and one chocolate candy bar.
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