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Promoters 'r' Us Challenge 3

No description

Alex Galvan

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of Promoters 'r' Us Challenge 3

Promoters 'R' Us
Customer Service Emergency Tool Kit
West Palm Beach, Florida
Not your typical First-Aid kit
contents include an infinite supply of the following:
We've been telling you that we're "the best in the biz," now we will share with you our successes on our journey to growing a million policies in Florida.
Empathy and Understanding
Our customer was injured in an accident, a few days after the loss her husband passed away from cancer. They had been married 50 years. We went to meet with her personally to explain the process and assure her that we are here watching out for her. She was so happy that we went out of our way to make the whole claims process easy and simple.
Creativity and Listening
A claimant was new to the area and has never filed a claim. We finalized liability, settled her injury and put her into a rental while her car was being repaired. She stated she was not pleased with the idea of a rental car as she has been undergoing treatment for Leukemia and was worried about germs in rental cars and her compromised immune system. We worked with our vendor at Enterprise and as the car was being delivered to her, the reps wiped the whole car in anti-bacterial wipes. She was blown away by our thinking out of the box and plans to switch her insurance needs to us.
A mother was hesitant about settling her daughter's injury claim. She felt we did not understand what it meant to be a mother. We shared stories of our own children and expressed empathy to alleviate any stress she had. We created a relationship of trust and understanding that led to settling her daughter's claim.
An elderly widow was very nervous about handling a claim on her own. The rep assured her she would walk her through the entire process. The rep consistently updated her along the claims process. Instead of making her trying to find the claim office, we offered to FedEx her the documents. The rep checked in with her to make sure she understood the total loss documents. The customer then called back to thank her when all was done and complimented us on working with her and taking the time to ‘hold her hand’.
Our insured backed into a church, damaging the side of the building. Initially we had the wrong vehicle information and needed photos for the PCA claim to verify. The claimant needed a check ASAP to start repairs. We coordinated with the MRR to meet with the insured before business hours that morning on his way to work. We secured photos of the IV and were able to clear coverage & get the check to the claimant.
A customer was upset with the subro process of reimbursing her deductible. She reached a rep in our office, who employed the “Effective Communication Tool” from our customer service tool kit. The rep thoroughly reviewed the claim and “listened”- the rep explained that he noticed the CC had already issued back her deductible. The rep then completed a 3-way call with the CC to resolve the communication issue. This rep was able to turn a frustrating situation to a positive one. The customer now knows we ‘care’ and that we will continue to work on their behalf until all is resolved.
Promoters 'R' Us
We don't want a detractor
We're Customer Pro's
Apply this toolkit
and watch the business grow!
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