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Snocross by sophia and garland

No description

Angela Altazan

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Snocross by sophia and garland

About Snocross
Are youtube video about snocross
By Sophia and Garland
Danger of Snocross
In Snocross your average speed is 60 mph
Your jumps will be 130 ft. high
People can get their arms broken because of this dangerous sport .
This sport consist of tight turns ,banked corners , steep jumps and obstacle jumps which are 30ft. ( 9 meters).
Snocross was first featured in the 1998 winter X Games.
These events attract over 10,000 spectators .
United states , Canada , Europe compete in this sport .
Snocross is important because its Governed by the World Snowmobile Association .
Facts about snocross
In Europe you have to be 16 and up to compete in this sport
Athletes can break parts of their bodies doing this sport.
both of these sports can cause injuries.
picture fearless thrill-seekers setting sail in a kayak over steep mountain cliffs and racing down 4-cross style tracks
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