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Fahrenheit 451

No description

Andrew Schwarm

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451

Takes place in a dystopian society
Books are illegal
Firemen start fires
People aren't social
Government is very controlling
Prior knowledge
Key Concepts
Lack of Friendship
How Does this Relate
Guy Montag
Makes a new friend Clarisse McClellan
Starts liking books and hiding them
Doesn't have many friends
By: Andrew Schwarm
Fahrenheit 451
Montag has multiple struggles
Not many relationships
He likes books, but they are illegal
Start of Book
End of Book
Hates books, and has a job burning them
Obedient citizen
He's controlled by the government
Innocent civilian
Likes book, and hides them
Rebellious citizen
Has his independence from the government
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