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Digital Marketing Strategy for SELKO project

No description

Karri Kilpeläinen

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Digital Marketing Strategy for SELKO project

The Scope of Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Communications

Digital Platforms

Digital Tools

Digital Medias

Different devices... And so on.
Examples of important topics
Search Engine Optimization SEO (Earned channel)

Content Marketing & Strategy

Social Media Channel Strategy

Digital Marketing Communications
Google = #1
80-95% of searches are made with Google
Why do SEO?
Search Engine Optimization
is a long-term process of optimizing a website to match Google's (and other engine's) algorithm preferences on relevant search terms or keywords

Includes tactics like Link building, Social Media Presence, Optimizing Title Tags, Meta texts etc.

Beginner's Guide: https://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo
The Hub Strategy
Website acts as a "Hub" where traffic is driven from other digital channels with objective-driven content strategies

Responsive design is a top priority
=> Always design Mobile First


Combining User Tasks with Business Goals
#1 Navigation

#2 Search

#3 Site structure

#4 CTA buttons & User Journey
What is Digital Marketing?
Examples of Digital Marketing Strategies
Website Design
Digital Marketing Strategy for SELKO project
The most visible and noticeable part of Digital Marketing
Channels can be
Owned (e.g. Company's website)
Paid (e.g. Ads in Facebook)
Earned (e.g. Top result in Google organic search)
A process
, by which
value is created
to the customer
Source: http://www.internetlivestats.com/google-search-statistics/
Platform Strategy
The Website acts as
an interactive platform
where users create the content
Lean Development Strategy
An iterative process
where a service is developed gathering feedback and data by letting people use the service. The service is then developed according to user data.
Our suggestion?
Combine these!
1. Think of the Website as the main Hub

2. Design with SEO in mind
3. Design elements that make the Hub an interactive platform, where users can contribute

4. Partner up with relevant stakeholders (TEKES, Boost etc.)
source: http://searchengineland.com/whos-really-winning-search-war-204651
What to use in the website?
News, articles & testimonies
HOW-TO guides + Workbooks
Calendar with events related
Livechat / Forum

To show users knowledge
Collaborative content (*)
Digital marketing tools for start-up
Simulator "game"
Social Media Channels
suggestive search vs

SERP (search engine result page) design

Good example: Google
Bad example: yrityssuomi.fi
Best practices
1. The goal
= to maximize
of information on the website
and the
ease of use
of the website

2. The premise
Users are busy and have a short
attention-span (they don't care about
nothing else but their task / problem
at hand)
Indicate for the user where he / she is!

Descriptive names of top-level categories

Be boring rather than creative

Needs to be logical

The simpler the better

Design with SEO in mind!
CTA & the User Journey
Clear Call-To-Action buttons and layout designed for a reading experience

Scrollable content

Starting a company

Running a business
Funding: startup money, founders, business
partners. ( Tekes, Ely, finnvera, Sitra, Ek, Banks

Must do:
-Company name

-Have to register company to the Trade Register and various Tax Administration registers (PRH Helps)

Development and growth
Business taxation: Oy, Ky, etc
(Tax account online service)

Financial management: lones,

Change of ownership
Good example:

Bad examples:
Employee management
Financial troubles
Developing the business

- Business development services: Analysis
-Product development
-Technology and business foresight
- Team finland network

Closing a company
Nationwide help desk for employment and economy services. Hire workers from Finland or abroad, get help with managing them, how to lay them off
Good example:

Bad example:

Finnish Tax Administration. Used for everything tax-related. Tax returns, tax councelling, tax calculators...
Tools for Web Design
Tools for Web Design
How to create content
(See tools from previous slides)
1. Write

2. Show to 5 people and ask feedback

3. Eliminate 80% of the content to
crystallize the main point
Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority
Financial planning, dealing with expired loans, creating a strategy for loan payment
talousapu.fi and/or your local council
Free and confidental phone help desk for
financial guidance and help.
Every municipality has a free phone
Good example:

Bad example:
Summary &
our suggestions
Website Design
2 Goals:

1. Usability
2. Findability

Design for the user,
Match segment-based user needs with appropriate content
See our ideas for content types!
(videos, quizzes, webinars, infographs..)
The business information system, file a
notification of company termination
Digital Marketing
1. SEO
2. Hub Strategy
3. Platform Strategy
4. Lean Development Strategy
Before closing the company, use the
services found on "Financial troubles"

Next steps for SELKO?
1. Hire a project manager
Knowledge of IT project development
Knowledge of mentioned strategies
SEO, Lean development, Content
2. Outsource development
A developer firm
Choosing of the right platform
Squarespace vs Wordpress
Patent and registration office. Help with
the steps on terminating a business
Next steps for SELKO?
3. Educate organization on digital marketing
Content creation, social medias etc.
4. Partner up with relevant stakeholders
TEKES, YTJ, Verohallinto, Boost etc.
Thank you!
- Team Einstein
Presentation by
Lucero Barrueto, Erika Barone, Mathias Ketola, Anton Katajainen, Karri Kilpeläinen & Juuso Makkonen
Structure of this
1. What is digital marketing
2. Digital marketing strategies
3. Website Design
4. Content
5. Segmentation work
6. Summary & our suggestions
Presenting today
Marketing Manager @ Profea Oy
Digital Marketer @ Bionova Consulting
In digital
Customer = User
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