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Kentucky Derby winners. 1970-2010

Timeline of the racehorses that have won the Kentucky Derby in 5 year intervals.

Lindsey Talbert

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of Kentucky Derby winners. 1970-2010

Kentucky Derby winners 1970-2010 1970 -
Dust Commander 1975 -
Foolish Pleasure 1980 -
Genuine Risk 1985 -
Spend A Buck 1990 -
Unbridled 1995 -
Thunder Gulch 2000 -
Fusaichi Pegasus 2005 -
Giacomo 2010 -
Super Saver Dust Comander won the Kentucky Derby by 5 lengths in the mud. Foolish Pleasure was undefeated going into the Kentucky Derby Genuine Risk was the 2nd filly to ever win the Kentucky Derby. Spend A Buck won the Kentucky Derby by 5 3/4 lengthhs. Unbridled won the Kentucky Derby by 3 1/4 lengths Thunder Gulch won the Kentucky Derby in 2: 01 Fusaichi Pegasus was bought as a yearling for $4 million. The odds against Giacomo were 50-1 going into the Kentucky Derby. Super Saver won the Kentucky Derby by 2 1/2 lengths The end.
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