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Lounge - How To Guide


Lukas Jarosch

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Lounge - How To Guide

How-To Integrate
Tutorial Coming soon! <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />
//For internet-connectivity

//For a seamless Login for the user <activity
//Add the LobbyActivity where users can interact <activity android:name="your.game.GameActivity">
<action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
<category android:name="eu.andlabs.lounge" />
//This category is required so Lounge knows which activity
//supposed to be started when a game starts public GameActivity implements Multiplayable{ // Your Game needs to implement the LoungeGameCallback Interface
// and its methods Implement the rest of the methods public void onCheckIn(String player){
//Use to update your UI which participating Players
//are also in the GameActivity
} public void onAllPlayerCheckedIn(){
//Get notified when all players are inside the gameActivity //if you need them to start the game
} Interacting with Lounge public void onGameMessage(Bundle msg){
//Your custom Game Message
String target=msg.getString("shootingAt")
String player=msg.getString("player")

yourGameStateMethod(target, player);
} Bundle b= new Bundle()
// Put in your custom messages, moves, data
// that need to be send to the other players into
// a Bundle and send it
mLoungeGameController.sendGameMessage(b); Advanced Topics You can associate your gamestate to the MatchID
so matches can be resumed at anytime public void onResume(){
String matchID=getIntent.getExtra(Lounge.MATCHID);
//Init new Game
//Reload old Gamestate
} public void onPause(){
String matchID=getIntent.getExtra(Lounge.MATCHID);
//If the game is not over, save the state under the matchId for resuming
getSharedPreferences().edit().putString(matchID, gameState);
} <service
//Add the LoungeService for the backend communication Your Game // In the class handling your communication, for example
// RemotePlayer implements Player, you should create an
// instance of LoungeGameController
private LoungeGameController mLoungeGameController
= new LoungeGameController(); @Override
public void onCheckIn(String player) {
// Called when a player checks into your game, meaning
// he is ready to play

public void onAllPlayerCheckedIn() {
// Convenience method to let you know that all players
// are ready to play

public void onCheckOut(String player) {
// Called when a player left the game
} @Override
public void onGameMessage(Bundle msg) {
// This is probably your most important callback –
// the one where you receive a move
} Callbacks // In your game Activity's onStart(), bind the
// Lounge service
public void onStart() {
} // In your game Activity's onStop(), unbind the
// Lounge service
public void onStop() {
} // In your game Activity's onResume(), register your
// Longe callback listener
// Lounge service
public void onResume() {
} // When your game is completely loaded, call checkin using
// your matchID
// When your game is not being played
// anymore, checkout using your matchID
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