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4 civilizations

No description

Erin Chung

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of 4 civilizations

4 river valley civilizations
ancient China
G= Oceans, deserts, high mountains, isolated China
P= Dynastic
I= Shang Di- He was the main King of the Shang Dynasty
R= Polytheism
A= calligraphy,painting,poetry
T= Printing, the compass, and gunpowder
e= merchants, craftsmen,scholars
s= Emperor, Nobles, farmers, craftsmen, traders, and slaves
ancient egypt
G= irragation ditches, deserts, the nile,
I= hammurabi made very stricked laws
r= The egyptians were polythiesm
t=writing, mathmatics, medicine
e= scribes, artists, and peasents
s=scibes,priests, and noblemen
g= Tigris and Euphraties River
p= city-states ruled by king
i = gilgemesh was a half human half god
r= polytheism
a=royal tombs of ur
t= pictograms
e= farming, pottery, and livestock keeping
s= preists, upper class, lower class, and also slaves
indus river
g= indus river
p= city planners
i= there were no important people
r= hinduism
a= mohenjo-daro
t= plumbing in indus river
e= trade
s= 1. gods and godesses
2.preists and scholars
3.rajas and noblemen
4.merchants and farmers
5.servents and workers
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