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Aramark - Bannastrow's

BannaStrow’s is a franchise concept that focuses on an assorted menu of Crepes, Waffles, Salads and Wreps (wrapped crepes) cooked to order in front of its customers for a wonderful show

Mauricio Acevedo

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Aramark - Bannastrow's

Crepes and Coffee BannaStrow’s focuses on an assorted menu of Crepes, Wreps (wrapped crepes),Waffles and Salads cooked to order in front of its customers for a wonderful show.
For every Taste! Set Up Operational Advantages Investment ranges from from $115,000 to $190,000 depending on the size of the unit (including Franchise Fee).
Equipment used is low cost and High Efficiency.
No back-end Kitchen.
No off premises storage. Very easy operation (no complicated recipes or steps).
Food cost is very low.
Labor cost is very low.
No prep time. Everything is pre cooked and processed.
All supplies are carried by a national distribution company.
Small number of ingredients make almost 50 different signature dishes.
Do not require hoods.
There is little or no garbage generated.
We cook to order in under 3 minutes.
Thank You
Contact Info
www.bannastrows.com Something for
Everyone Easy Set up and
Operation Working with our partners to innovate Our future with
Aramark Fruit Jumble Thai Crepe Caesar Crepe BLT Wrep For all ages For all Nationalities For any Market At any time of Day In any type of location Typical Mall Setting Non Traditional Roadway Setting Catering Kiosk Decision Matrix Easy to make.
Fast to make (under 3 minutes).
Many possibilities with small number of ingredients.
Least residue possible.
Distributed nationally.
Key Product Elements Open to New Ideas! Our Menu Then... Our Menu Now... Locations Then.. Locations Now.. Ready for Growth! Partnership with
Franchise Growth Systems Created Master Franchise Program for the entire USA launched Feb 2010
Leading airport and roadway operator in Spain.
Have won several airport and roadways concessions in the US on 2009.
Purchased and opened first to 2 locations in 2009
Expansion plans in the works Army and AirForce
Excange Service Initial talks started 2010
Expansion Opportunities
Growth Opportunities
Facility Partners
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