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Surprising Truth about Stakeholder Engagement

How research shows stakeholder engagement is perhaps more important than we realised. As presented to the Cardiff University LLU Alumni on 27th September 2013.

Patrick Mayfield

on 28 September 2013

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Transcript of Surprising Truth about Stakeholder Engagement

The Surprising Truth about ...
Stakeholder Engagement

Seek first to
Effective change is always
: inhibitors & goal
Recognise & minimise
of change
Leaning to
people & action
is powerfully persuasive
> reason,
> authority
What are the top 5 things you would want to know?
Crib Sheet

John Edmonds
Patrick Mayfield

Do we all have one?
Is the same for everyone?
Maybe we are
focusing on the
patterns of thinking
shared by
'Alpha Traits'
best thinking
best practice
self awareness
relational bias
making margins

pattern of 3
self awareness
relational leaning
making margins
1. self awareness
self awareness
personal dashboards
do exist
not the same
clarity is the issue
“I’ve always been a lists person. I learned this from a boss I had at the time, who had a scoring mechanism... I identify a short, separate list of ‘Quick Wins’. Ticking these off helps me motivate myself. Then I work through the important tasks.”
Local Government Programme Manager
“The study made me think how reactionary I am for most of the time.”
Portfolio Manager, Police Authority
15% of time was spent pro-actively…
2. leaning to
leaning to relationships
link between discretionary time
time invested in relationships
“I made it my business when I arrived here to immerse myself in the business community, to understand who was who, and how they functioned.”
Interim Programme Manager,
Communications Company
making margins
making margins
triaging issues
“I don’t put issues immediately onto the Log… evolved with experience. I found myself spending too much time administering controls and not actually managing… It may not be what the books say, but it just works for me.”

Programme Manager,
Logistics Company
making margins
personal float
“Unplanned events were manageable as I had allocated approximately 6 hours for various forms of unplanned activity – this was sufficient to cover what came along.”
Programme Manager, Rail Company
tyranny of the urgent
drivers v driven
best thinking
best practice
Links to:
sample chapter
What is your biggest challenge
with people
in and around your project?
What approaches
work for you?
"my most difficult stakeholder"
dealing with the difficult
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