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History and Culture of Russia

Chapter 20 Section 2

Corey Knight

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of History and Culture of Russia

History and Culture of Russia

Mr. Knight
6th Grade Social Studies Early History and Empire The city of Kiev was the center of the first Russian State.
This state was controlled mainly by Vikings.
Cyrillic- the Russian alphabet still used today Vocabulary Czar- or emperor Ivan the Terrible was known for being a cruel and savage ruler. Under the rule of Peter the Great and later Catherine the Great, Russia became a world power by the 18th century. War and Revolution Russia faced huge losses in WWI.
The czar ignored the people's hardship and rose up against him. This event is called the Russian Revolution. Bolsheviks- a radical Russian Communist group. Who was the leader of the Bolsheviks? Vladmir Lenin The Soviet Union Three things caused the Russian Empire to decline.

1.Czars did not care about their people.
2.Poor and uneducated citizens.
3.The effects of World War I. Under to Soviet Union the people had many freedoms restricted.
1. People did not have freedom of religion
2. The government owned all farms, business, and land.
3.People who spoke out against the government were sent to work in Gulags. Gulags- soviet labor camps The Collapse of the Soviet Union The high cost of weapons lead to the decline in the Soviet economy.
Mikhail Gorbachev made many changes including:
1. Reducing government control
2. Introducing democracy as a new form of government. Modern Day Russia and Culture Today Russia's Government is called a federal republic The Soviet Government opposed religion, but after the fall of the Soviet Union many churches have reopened.
The main religion in Russia is Russian Orthodox Christian. Space Race? During the Cold War there was not only the Arms Race but the Space Race.
Both the Soviet Union and the United States spent billions of dollars to send satellites into space and eventually a man on the moon. hhhhhhh
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