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The Battle Of Monte Cassino

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fabiola gonzalez

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of The Battle Of Monte Cassino

What is the purpose of the battle?
The Battle Of Monte Cassino
Battle of Monte Cassino
Who participated in the battle?
Significance (Why are they fighting?)
The overall significance of the battle of Monte Cassino is that the allies drive the Germans out of Italy, after they invaded their land
The Allies won the Battle of Monte Cassino. On March 14th 1944, Allied troops were pulled back from the front line to take them away from the projected artillery bombardment. 775 aircraft were involved in the 4 hour bombing. 1250 tons of high explosive bombs were dropped. On May 17Tth German forces in Monte Cassino were ordered to affect a withdrawal.
The British Eighth Army immediately attempted to break through the Hitler Line but was turned back. Stopping to reorganize, a major effort was made against the Hitler Line on May 23 in conjunction with a breakout from the Anzio beachhead. Both efforts were successful and soon the German Tenth Army was facing being surrounded.

With VI Corps surging inland from Anzio, Clark shockingly ordered them to turn northwest for Rome rather than cut off and aid in the destruction of von Vietinghoff. This action may have been the result of Clark's concern that the British would enter the city first despite it being assigned to Fifth Army.

Driving north, his troops occupied the city on June 4. Despite the success in Italy, the Normandy landings two days later transformed it into a secondary theater of the war.

The battle of Monte Cassino began on January 17th, 1944 and ended on May 18th, 1944. About 4 battles made up the battle of Monte Cassino.

The purpose of the battle of Monte Cassino was to take back territory seized by the Germans.
When did the battle occur? Length of battle?
Weapons Used
Where did the battle happen ?
The battle took place in Monte Cassino, Italy. All four battles did not occur in the same place in Italy.
1st battle was fought in San Angelo
2nd battle occurred in Snakeshead Ridge
3rd battle happened in Hangsman's Hill
4th and last battle happened in the Aurunci Mountains
What happened during each battle?
Factors that led to the Battle of Monte Cassino
There are a few factors that lead to the Battle of Monte Cassino:

Cassino was a huge part of the Gustav Line and the Germans heavily fortified the mountain. The Germans planted minefields and booby-traps all around the Cassino and the Rapido River to pause the attacker's advance

Cassino was on Route 6 to Rome and the Allies needed to seize it before D-day commenced. The Allies could not enter Rome through the east as winter blizzards halted the advance. Neither the west because the Germans had flooded the marshes surrounding the highway, so Cassino was the only option

The mountain at the top with the ancient monastery guarded the entrance to the Liri Valley and stood over the town of Cassino 520 meters below.
These reasons all show that the Allies had no choice but to stop and fight in the Cassino area. Monte Cassino effectively blocked the Allies route north to Rome and had to be taken despite the difficulties of doing so from a military point of view.
The Battle of Monte Cassino was one of the most important battles of World War Two.
1st Battle
January 17th, 1944
U.S Army vs Germans
Germans had more firepower
US were heavily counterattacked and forced to fall back

2nd Battle
February 15th, 1944
Allies dropped 1,500 tons of bombs and explosives on Monte Cassino
February 17th, 1944
Germans counterattack and hold their position
3rd Battle
March 15th, 1944
750 tons of bombs
Axis regrouped quicker
Bomb craters impedes progress of Allies

4th Battle
May 11th - May 17th, 1944
Allies take over but lost many men
Destroyed Cassino
Germans left

Plan of attack
First battle
Plan of Attack
Plan Of Attack
Plan Of Attack
The major participants of the battle of Monte Cassino were the U.S., The British, Italians, and the Germans...
The method of warfare used in Monte Cassino was 1,900 tanks, 380,000 men, 4,000 planes, booby traps, mines, and guns. The U.S soldiers would place mines and booby traps in foxholes around the terrain
Armies & Commanders
US Fifth Army
British Eighth Army
German 10th Army
There was 75,000 casualties out of the 380,000 men that fought during the battle of Monte Cassino
Free France, Poland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Italian Royalist Army etc
General Sir Harold Alexander
Lieutenant General Mark Clark
Lieutenant General Oliver Leese
US Fifth Army & British Eighth Army
Field Marshal Albert Kesselring
Colonel General Heinrich von Vietinghoff
German 10th Army
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