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French Antisemitism & the Dreyfus Affair

No description

Alison Hunt

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of French Antisemitism & the Dreyfus Affair

"Finding not enough Jews to massacre,
I propose cutting them in two,
in order to get twice as many." (101) The Dreyfus Affair Éduoard-Adolphe "Judas Dreyfus sold out France
for a little more than thirty pieces of silver" (99) incredibly influential journalist Created antisemitic daily paper (1892) theologically correct- garnered support of Catholic Church stressed role of Jews as Christ-killers "fused nationalism, socialism, antisemitism, and Catholicism into a mass-appealing political movement" many Drumont-inspired antisemite writers Including Céline, who produced some of the most vicious antisemitic writing of all time Drumont "Jewish France: An Essay in Contemporary History" (1886) said that Jews ruled Europe and were to blame
for its ruin Background on France agreed on equal rights for Jews in 1791,
if they would renounce their rights as a
separate community explosion of antisemitism in 19th cent. Jews denounced as... powerful and greedy capitalists secularists undermining French culture & Catholic faith intruders taking jobs from "real" Frenchmen collaborated with Morés created a political party to unite Maurras "Everything seems impossible or frightfully difficult without the providence of antisemitism. Thanks to it, everything works out, everything is smoothed over and becomes simpler. If we were not antisemitic out of patriotic determination, we would become so simply out of a sense of opportunity." 'spiritual brand of antisemitism' combined racial, nationalist, and traditional Catholic Judaeophobia Fascist movement of the 1930s gave way to the antisemitic Vichy regime in the 1940s compared Jews to Aryans merchantile greedy crafty scheming exploitative heroic straightforward honorable creative "Jews in the Army" (1892) compulsory military service adopted in 1870 complains Jews focused solely on gaining influence Jews as competitors Captain Alfred Dreyfus sent to prison for life for selling military secrets to the Germans (1894) based on forged evidence Again convicted of treason with "extenuating circumstances;" sentenced for 10 years detention (1899) vindicated in 1906 and restored to the army During this time, France torn in what was basically a civil war violent waves of antisemitism, especially from the Right struggle of the two Frances:
Catholic France Vs. Jewish France "France for the French"
"Death to the Jews" few deaths, but much organized violence Catholic press spewed out hate "La Libre Parole" (1892) "All the maneuvers of Jewdom are directed against the... soul of France." painting Dreyfus as Judas figure "The Jews, having ruined us, divided us, and dishonored us, are in the process of turning France on its head for the greatest profit of universal Yiddischry." Antisemitic Posters "The Reflections of a Small Businessman in Caen," 1898 Jews = evil encouraging buying goods from Frenchmen, not Jews The Henry Monument Memorial fund drive for Lieutenant Henry's wife "When will the alarm bell sound to rid France of the evil Yids?" La Croix (est. 1882) international conspiracy to free Dreyfus Catholic newspaper; popular amongst clergy greedy scheming manipulative exploitative heroic generous brave children of heaven Dreyfus Affair was a result of, rather than a cause for, antisemitism French Antisemitism &and the Dreyfus Affair
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