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karina rivera

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of Deforestation

Proposed Modification
The action of clearing a wide area of trees
Current Solution
Pros of deforestation for road construction
Expected environmental outcome of implementing new modification
More trees/forests
less carbon monoxide
more living animals
healthy living people
Consequences of doing nothing
Deforestation drives climate change
Large amounts of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere
Loss of species
Soil Erosion
Implementation of the Solution
It is estimated that with in the next 100 years there will be no rain forests
- Road construction
- Over population
- Logging
Be active and plant trees- it can be at your homes, backyards or you can join any organization keen on stopping deforestation.

Simple trips
Cons of Deforestation for Road Construction
Cars produce gases such as carbon monoxide which helps bring out global warming
-more roads and wider highways will lead to more gas
Vehicles contain different fluids that are super toxic towards humans and animals
-these fluids pick up medals from engine wear making it even more toxic towards
the environment
-Driving on the interstate would be easier due to the new simple highway system
Work establishment
-Construction and maintaining interstates
produces a lot of job opportunities
One action plan that we could do is to start building bridges

Trees help preven
Electromagnetic Subway
This would be subways that runs off of electricity from the core of the Earth. We would use a long medal rod that would go a couple hundred kilometers deep into the Earth. In a similar fashion, as they do today to drill for oil. The magnetic fields of the core would connect to the cable and then cause energy for the rails of the trains to run. Transportation will be public, safe, less acids, and less carbon monoxide.
A major difficulty that would occur would be paying for the Subway. This would cost millions of dollars.
Higher taxes
In conclusion, with our modified solution it will help with less trees being cut down. Each year there is a minimum of 3.5 billion trees being cut down each year and a maximum 6 billion. With more trees this will help prevent water pollution, more food will be provided, and more energy would be conserved. With the subway stations under ground there will be less cars above ground and there will be no need to build more roads.
Researches that are studying plants, animals, and insects in the Brazilian Amazon had found perfectly clear evidence that deforestation causes serious loss of forest biodiversity
It is estimates that there are about half a million bridges in the United states
This constructions requires a
high costs.
With high costs, there will be higher taxes.
More supports are required.
Arched bridges usually need more supports from their sides than any other bridge usually does.
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