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Slave Marriages in the 1800's

No description

Wisdom K

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Slave Marriages in the 1800's

How can slaves register to get married? Did it cost more money for a slave to get married than a free person to get married? Slave Marriage Were Slave Weddings Allowed
be Religious? If a slave man and woman wish to be married a party would be arranged on a Saturday night. The marriage ceremony involved the bride and the groom to jump over a broomstick. If no children were born in a year or so the wife was sold. If there was any debt or morgage on the plantation the extra slaves were taken to a court house to be sold. Families were seperated. Freedmen's Bureau allowed slaves to get married. The marriage was usually arranged by the slaves master. They received a certificate of marriage which also showed how many children they have. This was a way to keep records. Before all of this happened the slaves had to get permission. This is the Voodun religion Like traditional weddings happening today they had to have a minister. The minister was likely the slaves owner. They received a certificate after the short ceremony. The certificate cost slaves between 5 to 10 dollars because they weren't as wealthy as white people. For a white person it cost more for the ceremony certificate and the reception. But a slave didn't even get the option of a reception. By Wisdom and Talia
Thanks for watching Does anyone know who the slaves had to get permission by? Both the man and woman had to get permission from there master. If one of them was free it was automatically allowed for he/she to get married if there partners slave's master said it was okay. Does anyone know what religion that was called?
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